Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rest Day

Practice muscle-up stuff: (a) learn false-grip, (b) hang from false-grip, (c) do some ring-rows, (d) do some ring dips (full ROM), (e) do some hip-to-ring pullups, (f) do some MUSCLE-UPS (if you have these, do them without false grip then add consecutives) OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed

ahhhh, cool crossfit chaos!!

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  1. Can’t do anything that requires a grip for at least 2 weeks due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I am wearing ridiculously large splints 24/7. Time to work on my running, which is ok because I have lost my endurance and want it back!

    5K in 28:49 (9:18 pace)

    Still 5+ min slower than my PR and only 49 sec faster than when I was 33 weeks pregnant, but I’m using this as my new baseline. I am going to run this same route once per week and keep trying to improve it.

    Kelly and Michael – perhaps you can be creative and come up with some alt wods for me that don’t require grip? Right now all I can think of is running, box jumps, squatting, lunging, and sit-ups. That could get old fast!

    • Oh, we def got you covered…just gimme a few days to sort some gripless wonders into a 2-3 week cycle. i’ll email you a few questions off blog to clarify 🙂

  2. First day back 😉

    Made up Wednesday

    5:00 Plank Hold
    20 min AMRAP
    5 DL, 5 HPC, 5 FS, 5 PP, 5 BSquat

    8 rounds + 5/5/5/5 rx

    I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!

  3. Made up Annie with a Stroll

    19:36? Something like that

  4. Hey everyone;

    There is a card for Laura on the desk at the gym. If you know Laura and would like to sign the card please do. It will be in the gym all day tomorrow. I will take it to her on Saturday

  5. made up Wednesday:

    5:16 plank hold


    6 rds + 5/5/1

    • 1 break at 4:08

      • I could see you out of the corner of my eye…you did awesome!

  6. You couldn’t be more right on…

  7. You are exactly right on this one!!

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