Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10-8-6-4-2  Bench Press


 5 Rounds
1 Muscle up (Full turn out is RX, anything else is NOT)
3 Handstand push ups
10 Hang power snatches (95#/65#)

Alley Girls!

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  1. BP: 65#
    WOD: 14:36 with snatches @ 48#, shoulder presses subbed for HSPUs, RMUs

  2. 85# for bench press
    WOD 15 min ish
    65 HPS- these got heavy
    Green/blue hspu
    Blue banded mu

  3. Bench press: 33/38/43/48/65 (tried 70# on last two but only got one)

    Rowing MUs, HSPUs w/ black& red bands, snatch w/ two15# dumbbells

  4. Love this video – Why I do Crossfit!

    • NICE!

    • extra like! It’s about the commnity.

  5. Nice good group today.

    BP – 218 was final 2 reps. I am pretty sure this is a big PR. We don’t do this often and the most I can find is 185.

    Metcon- 14:26 with rx HPS, green/blue for HSPU, and rowing MU. Shoulder needs to be warmed up a lot more for HSPU. Wasted a minute changing bands.

    • Congrats!!!

  6. 75# with asst. on 1. lost a lot of upper body strength when i was sick i guess

    metcon: 20:36

    rowing mus
    red/tiny tan HSPU
    53# HPS

    • Great seeing you back today< Jessica. Glad you're feeling better. As a % of your bodyweight, 75# is a great #. Given that you've been out for awhile, even better!

      • Thanks for the awesome coaching!

  7. Bench press = 65#

    Metcon = 17:10 with 43# and banded pull ups + dips, pikes

  8. BP: 77# — probably should have gone heavier

    metcon: 12:58 — green/black banded pull ups & box dips; pike HSPU; 44# HPS

    skills WOD: 7:19 (5 rds– 5 SDHP (w/ 25#KB) + 10 burpees)

  9. Second day at my temporary gym (I don’t think I can call any other gym “MY” gym other than RX!! =)

    Good news- I got Fran in 4:34!!! Best ever!!!

    Miss you guys!1

    • WOW! freakin Awesome Fran time there C!! outstanding 🙂 (we expect nothing less of course)

  10. Bench press was 120# for 1. The second rep I only made it halfway up and then needed a little lift from Michael. I didn’t repeat to try to get the 2 reps.

    Metcon: Rowing MUs, banded HSPUs, snatches @ RX weight.

    I can’t remember what my time was…maybe around 13 min?

  11. Bench Press 125×1.

    Subbed 4 CTB Pullups (blue) and 4 Dips (really old red+tiny purple) for each MU.
    Subbed pike pushup with toes on 15″ box and head to 2 abmats.
    Snatches were RX.
    13:20 I think.

  12. 98# BP then lots of subs on Alyssa. Went with PU/RD for MU today. Banded HSPUs. 45# snatch, which were UB. Shouldve used 55#. Humbling. Forgot my time.

  13. BP: 120# x 1

    4 pull ups (large beige)/4 para dips
    3 Pike from ~24″ stack of plates
    66# HPS

  14. Made this up Saturday

    12:30 (Rx)

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