Monday, August 1, 2011

1 Thruster every 20 sec for 10 minutes (95#/65#)


 “Annie with a stroll”
Double unders
Abmat sit ups
          (feet anchored okay)
100m Waiter walk
           (45#db/20kg plate men, 25#db/10kg plate women)

Bear Complex...CFRX Skill Class WOD

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  1. Ready for a nap after this one!
    Thrusters at 65#. I didn’t fully extend my arms at 9 and 9:20, but rounded out the 10 minutes with a good one.

    Annie with a stroll: 19:03

  2. 88# for the Thrusters
    squat clean to thruster for all reps

    Subbed rowing for DU (500/400/300/200/100)
    Unanchored abmat situps, butterfly
    25# DB for waiter’s walk

    • Damn Pat. Looking back, that was a tough sub. Rowing 1500m total! Probably the best sub for today though. Nice job!

      • Well, Kelly said he thought the distance might be a little long on the subbed row, but my DU’s aren’t all that fast – especially now that I can’t work on them! So I stayed with the longer row. Besides, I needed the work after being off for several days!

  3. Just me and the “Nasty” Girls – Pat, Christin, Erin, and Trish. And I mean Nasty in the nicest way.

    110# for thrusters – squat cleaned into thruster for all.
    MetCon RX- 17:26. First 50 DU unbroken a new PR. 40/30/20 had to stop only once each time.

    • I take it as a complement!
      I had a blast today. Loved the group at noon!
      Thrusters w/ 88lb
      Metcon w/ 25lb kb: 16.45

    • DU PRs are the best! Nasty girls rule. 🙂

    • My first time ever being called a Nasty Girl. At my age, I take it as a compliment no matter how you meant it. 😉

  4. 87# Thrusters. No misses. Focused on speed and squat cleans.
    Metcon: GHD Situps which have me feeling a little wrecked at the moment. I was noisier than normal today which is always a good barometer for me. DUs came around after the first round. Time=18:??

  5. You were doing GHDs as fast as my ab mat sit ups and yelling in crossfit is good.

  6. 65# for thrusters
    20:35 for WOD with GHD situps
    *new PR for DUs at 26

  7. As I slogged thru this I had time to reflect on something I heard Kelly saying recently & it’s always a good reminder: NUTRITION is the base of the fitness pyramid. I have to regroup re: diet.

    54# thrusters

    metcon: stopped after 25 min cutoff- got thru  50-40-30 rounds
    used 20# db for waiter carry

  8. Went easy on the shoulders today.
    88 lb. thrusters — probably should have gone Rx but it’s been months since I’ve don them and thought I should ease into them.

    Subbed 90 lb. farmer’s walk for waiter’s walk (two 45 lb. dumbbells)
    Double-unders and butterfly situps as Rx’d

    Good tunes tonight, Kelly! : )

  9. 55# squat cleans instead of thrusters

    Met con: LOVED IT, well just the DU part
    Subbed farmer’s walk w/ 2 20 lb DBs for waiter’s walk
    DUs and butterfly situps RX!!! 14:34.

    I also liked the tunes tonight!

  10. Used 83# for thrusters. Squat cleaned all but the first few…just forgot.

    Metcon: 17:57 RX. My DUs were pathetic. Need to work on these. Rest was no problem. No rests on sit-ups.

  11. 55# thrusters (squat clean into thruster)–nice to work on clean form

    metcon: 24:40 — attempted DUs; abmat butterfly situps; 25#KB waiter walk

    DUs slowed me down a lot b/c I did 2 singles:1 attempted double, and each attempted double counted towards the 50:40:20:10. It was nice to be able to practice DU though.

  12. Kelly will have to tell us about tonight’s playlist since there were fans!

  13. Miguel hid my kettle bell behind a post. Total party foul.

  14. Good to Be Back

    #95 Thrusters

    METCON RX 16:07


  15. 76# Thrusters

    Singles (x3)
    45# KB for waiter walk

  16. Made up Annie with a Stroll. Fun! 17:53 with 20# KB.

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