Saturday, July 30, 2011

Team WOD

Just another day at the playground!

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  1. collage by CStreet 🙂

    • Nice!

    • Very nice Christin. I thought it must be your handiwork when I saw it.

    • …sorry i forgot that photo credit…was half asleep posting last night after midnight…the collage is AWESOME!

      And Thanks again to everyone (especially Joy for the projector/screen/etc.) who came back to the gym last night with friends and family to watch the Games & socialize! It was a Blast!

  2. Two games-related questions:

    1. How does a person burst an eardrum diving in for a swim?
    2. What the heck happened to Rob Orlando?

    • 1. Speculation was that a huge wave hit his ear or that someone kicked him, but it’s interesting that the “Update” from today on Mikko doesn’t mention his eardrum– maybe that’s not what it was. The update says that he “withdrew from the competition after experiencing blurry vision and dizziness.”
      2. Per the Games site: “According to reports, Orlando had grabbed the safety paddleboard midway through the swim and was taken back to shore. ‘It was either sink or grab the board,’ the Connecticut strongman said.”

  3. Those pictures are wonderfully put together and Kelly makes each hold look so easy!
    Thanks for the fun get-together last night! Joy’s awesome Theater-like set up was amazing! I had a lot of fun and it looked everyone who joined did as well. Have a great weekend everyone.

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