Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rest Day

Practice pistols, rolling-pistols, weighted pistols and any other version of a one-leg squat OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed

Points of performance: Eyes forward, chest up, hip crease even with knees, knees over toes, weight in heels

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  1. Go Sarah!!

  2. Go girl!

  3. Did a version of WOD 1:

    5 laps in the pool (about 100 yds)
    10 laps around the yard – not sure of distance maybe about 800m
    30 strict pullups on the monkey bars
    50 games standard pushups
    100 squats
    10 laps around the house


    • Love it!

  4. Lovely people of CFRX!!!
    Listen up!
    1st WOD has been announced! The games are here! To celebrate we are goin to have a viewing party at the gym…they are going on late due to Cali time…the prime time events will be from 9-midnight…however, there will be video coverage all day i believe. So we’ll be there at 7….all are welcome to attend….BYOB, and BYOFood, and BYOChair 🙂

    See you tomorrow!

    • This sounds like a ton of fun. Sorry to miss it. I will be at Jekyll Island this weekend, but I will be watching some of the games and keeping up with what’s going on.

    • Softball throws down dekalb ave at midnight (2 attempts)

      • Dang! I’m sorry to miss it too, but I’m already watching videos from the games site 🙂

  5. Made up monday’s amrap of 8 fs, 16 v-ups, and 24 split jumps.

    12 min amrap, 5 rounds even

    88# FS (95# is 65% of 3RM but that felt too heavy.)

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