Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

30 second Handstand hold
30 second Squat hold
30 second L-sit hold
30 second Chin over bar hold

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  1. Get PUMPED!!!! The games are coming!!!

    Side note….great job AM crew! You rocked the holds!

  2. I enjoyed this workout!
    5 rds hs s l

  3. Fun workout today. 4 rds hs squat

  4. Nice change of pace today. 7 rounds + handstand hold.

    • Nice work Dr. Nelson (dr. of badass)

  5. AMRAP: 7 rds hs (Rx)

    Cashout: 50 meter sprints with kelly

    We tied (2-2)

    • You got it goin’ on, David!

  6. 5 rds even
    10 – 50m sprints, tried to keep up with David and Kelly… Maybe next time 🙂

  7. 5 rounds even with knees bent on the l-sits.
    10 x 50m sprints

  8. I didn’t keep track of my rounds so don’t know how many I got. I didn’t want to do this workout, and it put me in a pretty foul mood just thinking about it. So I can’t relate to all you people who liked it and found it to be a good change of pace. But I did it anyway.

    • I wasn’t thrilled about today’s WOD either but WE DID IT!

    • Good for you for doing it, Pat. As you well know: this is CrossFit! Some folks like one thing, some folks like another, and we always get some of everything! 🙂

    • Yeah, well. I don’t make a habit of skipping workouts based on what I like and don’t like. If I did, I would be skipping a lot of workouts! Besides, after the fact, it doesn’t seem so bad. And Kelly and Michael both pointed out how the “Chin Over Bar” hold will help me with my pullups. So it’s all good.

  9. Fun WODDING! Thx Christin for staying and watching me endure….tougher than it looks! Like always!
    7rds plus a 20 sec handstand hold RX

    Did sprints with David…he’s a fast little bugger!

  10. WOD: 5 rounds even. I like even rounds.

    The chin-over-bar holds were way hard for me and I didn’t really have my chin over the bar. Also I held the men’s bar overhead for the handstand holds. (Wait, did I put the bar away? Hmm.) Sprints were kind of fun.

  11. I can’t remember my score. It was either 5rds or 6 rds plus HS and Squat holds. Sprints were fun although humbling going against Kelly and David.

  12. This was a fun one! 4 rounds + wall-walk hold. Used bands for the chin over bar thingy.

    Michael’s squat clinic was great but really painful after this and Monday’s front squat/lunge workout. I’m really not a two-workout kind of person. Ouch.

  13. My left arm (which did I mention I injured on a *comfy* chair?) was super painful when I tried the chin over bar so I used a big green band for those. L-sits were more like chair-shape sits from boxes with knees bent. 5 rounds plus handstands and squats

  14. LOVED this one. Great 6pm group with coach pat! 7 rds +plank +squat +19 s V sit,subbed plank holds for the handstands, 15 s w/ green band for pullups and V holds/hollow body holds for L holds.

  15. 4 rds + squat + L + 14 seconds chin

  16. 5rds + 20sec chin up (big band + green on chin ups; modified v-sit ups for L sits; wall walk for hand stand)

    Squat clinic:
    Tabata squats: 5 (minimum/round); 64 (total)

  17. 6 rounds even. HS hold and squat were all unbroken. Good since bended L-Sit and chin hold were not.

  18. 6 1/2 rounds but with bent knees for the L sits…not Rx

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