Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome back Mike and Miguel!!!


In 14 minutes complete:

30 Box Jumps 24″
10 Push Press 95/65lbs
20 Box Jumps 24″
20 Push Press 95/65lbs
10 Box Jumps 24″
30 Push Press 95/65lbs

With the remainder of the time complete…

AMRAP of: Burpees

Score is the total of Burpees completed.

Notes: Box Jumps are regionals standard.




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  1. Welcome back guys! Great to have you 🙂 Now heres a workout more your speed!

    Forgot to blog…Snatch WOD was 13:19 RX…
    Great work to EVERYONE who has made vast improvements on the Snatch!

  2. Nice, big crowd this am!! Hard workout!!
    66 total Rx

    • Very nice, Erin!

    • Wow!

  3. Rx push presses, baby! : D
    Heat is killing me but it’s good to be back.
    40 burpees.

    Great to have such a huge group this morning!

    • Way to go, Mikey!!!

  4. 53# PP
    17 burpees… Still hate those!!

  5. Fun group this morning!

    PPs at 50#, jumps at 20″ as usual. Burpees: 35

    • PS. Headed to Key West through Sunday, peeps! See you next week. Keep an eye on the house, will ya? 🙂

      • jealous!

      • Have fun!

  6. Did it RX but 0 burpees. I finished the last lift as time ran out.

    • NICE!

  7. 39 burpees. Push press at 43#s. Great morning crew today!

  8. Great noon crew!!

    51 burpees rx

    The last set of push press got tiring – had to re-do two reps -ugh!

  9. 64 burpees RX. Fell on BJs for first time in ages which freaked me out a little. Might have been able to break 70. Oh well.

    • Hope you’re not injuried, falling is a scary feeling but it’s cool you brushed yourself off and kept going. 🙂

      • Thanks Jessica! Just a nasty shin scrape, Thank goodness!

    • Great job, Christin!

    • That definitely makes you gun shy! I have scars on both shins from falling. You managed a very impressive score despite that!

    • YAY! Way to push through!

  10. Dang, I can’t believe the huge 6am group — I was feeling bad about not going early. Wonderful group today at 4 pm, though- new and old friends!! I love our gym.

    I liked this wod: 19″ stack of plates and men’s bar 44ish#
    53 burpees

    Thanks, Trish, for mobility wod yesterday– appreciated it. I used foam rollers today and it probably helped.

  11. Great to work out alongside Trish and Therese…both kept me motivated. Haven’t jumped on a 24″ box in a very long time. These were pretty steady so I was pleased. PP got heavy as expected. I rested way too much on the burpees.

    RX, 47 burpees

    • When I was only a few months postpartum, I was doing good just to get out and walk around the block a few times a day! You’re inspirational.

    • Yep, I agree, you and Trish are a great motivator…we were neck and neck the whole way 🙂

      • Of course Trish was miles ahead – lol!! : D

      • I missed out on the fun w y’all! Now, I can’t wait to see how Trish scored 😉

      • Thanks ladies!

  12. MOD WOD with 55# hang cleans (no squatting), I think that makes them hang power but I always mix those up.

    23″ box, 55 burpees? I think.

    did toes to bar today for the first time since surgery!

    • Way to go on those toes to bar!

    • Yep. Those would be hang power cleans (based on your description).

  13. 7 burpees, 66# for push presses, 15″ reps per leg box step-ups

    Wish I would have gotten more burpees. Yes, you read that correctly…I wanted to do more burpees, ha. 😛
    But with my modified reps per leg box step-ups and doing Rx push presses was very tough, for me : / This stress fracture better heal asap!!

  14. Men’s bar and 17″ box jumps. 12 burpees. 🙂

  15. Subbed Hang Power Cleans at 95# for the Box Jumps.
    Push Press at 65# as prescribed.
    27 burpees

  16. Made this up on Thursday

    RX – 51 Burpees

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