Monday, July 18, 2011

Just 'hangin' out 🙂


10 minutes Snatch practice.


Run 800m
30 Snatches 135/95lbs
Run 800m

For time.

Notes: Ideally all athletes will use a “Squat Snatch” for this wod. Anything above a full depth squat for all reps will be considered scaling regardless of load.

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  1. First day back after 3 month hiatus.
    Modified snatches to 45 reps with 20 lb dumbbells.

    • yeah – welcome back. Of course it was a shoulder work out for you.

      • I know, right? But I’m determined to go easy on them this time.

    • Yay! Now that you are back, maybe I will come back too!

  2. Welcome back!!! xoxo

    • Thx, T-Mac! Love ya back! : )

  3. Not sure if this was posted over the weekend, but for the newbies who wonder who comes up with our workouts – Here is a video of Rudy. It’s a few months dated now.

  4. Snatch practice @ 98#

    Metcon: 15:52 @ 98#

  5. I used 58 lbs for the squat snatches. Things went much better than last time when I used 55 lbs. I didn’t let my head get to me this time.


  6. 82# Squat Snatches
    subbed 100 stepups (15″) for each 800M run

  7. Stuck with light snatches…I’m still struggling with the deep power snatch catch and then squat instead of catching in a sqt.

    15 something at 55#

  8. Came in today hurting from lack of sleep. But this is my type of workout so dragged myself in.

    Really worked on catching in a squat.

    21:24 – 135 RX. Most importantly 2/3 were squat snatches, while rest were power snatch then squat. Definitely felt some improvement today. Thanks Kelly.

  9. My back’s still struggling from the Team WOD deadlifts and my ankle stress fracture is getting a little to swollen 😦
    Not sure how many days I should take off but today looked way too tough for my injuries!
    Hope everyone had a great workout today!!! 🙂

  10. This has got to be my weakest move, so I really need any practice I can get.
    Have a hard time catching it in a squat – especially during the workout.
    16.?? w/ 77lb snatch

  11. snatches were 33# 
    none were full squat but i tried

    • Forgot to say welcome back, Mike, and our little models for today are adorable! And good job coming in, Terri!

  12. 32# | 19:55

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