Friday, July 15, 2011

5 rounds for time of:

6 Muscle-Ups
12 “Stop Drop and Roll” Burpees
18 Wall Balls 20/14lbs

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    • Great photo. You. Are. So. Tough.

      • Ha. Ha Ha. You. Are. So. Funny.

  2. Great pic Joy!

    28:59 this AM with blue banded MUs as only sub
    stop drop and roll burpees are worse than regular burpees!!

  3. Joy looks like such a badass!
    Rowing MUs, worked on false grip. Coach Pat had me drop to 10# ball and wallball form improved immensely. Hint on burpees: decide early if you will tuck your arms or extend them overhead. I opted to tuck. Time: 26:12

  4. 31:00

    12 X row muscle ups -pat thanks for keeping on me about the grip)
    12# wall ball, – 20 was too much, wanted to use a 14 or 18 but could not find one

    class was great fun, thanks. Feel free to correct me as much as possible, I suffer from short term memory loss esp. during CF 😉

    FYI who ever decided to take a burpee and make them even harder…. thanks.

  5. Great 6am group this morning. Thanks for allowing me to coach you. You all inspired me for my workout later this morning.

  6. That was hard hard hard not easy and really very HARD. 4 rounds in 25+ minutes with 8# ball and rowing MUs.

    Thanks for the coaching, Coach Erin!

  7. Hi Fellow CFRXers,
    As some of you may be aware, Rudy and 2 of his Outlaw coaches are offering a supplementary strength program, called Outlaw Barbell, and they’re offering this opportunity to CFRX as well! The skinny….it is a 3 month program based on the 5/3/1 Wendler system and it is starting in the next few days. Participants will be given an individualized lifting program based on current 1RMs and weekly progress. Each week we will be given new lifting assignments and accessory work. We will do the lifts on our own in lieu of Rudy’s normal lifting programming but will still do the metcons. For example, a day where Rudy programs a 1RM DL and then a metcon, we’ll skip the DL, do our own lifting assignment and then join the group for the metcon. There are 4 lifts/week and we can double them up or do them 1 per day. Sean Dunston, one of Rudy’s coaches working on this project, will work with you individually to come up with your schedule based on your availability and needs. The cost is $200 and includes weekly lectures that they’ll share with us via email. I’m excited about the opportunity for some individualized coaching and also the extra focus on strength. I sure would love to have some CFRXers join in on the fun! If you have any questions or are ready to sign up, email or call Sean at , 703.299.3440.

    • I’m kinda interested. Please clarify scheduling/coaching at CFRX. Would I come in at any regular wod time and do my own lifting (w/out any coaching) and then do the metcon or would those participating in the strength program be getting together at certain times to do their lifts?

      • You would do this when you normally come in or other times when the gym is open, of course if our CFRX coaches are cool with that. It’s an on your own kind of thing, but just for 3 months. Sort of similar to doing a Starting Strength program on your own, which I did about a year ago and it helped me tremendously.

        • However, if there are enough of us doing it perhaps we could align our schedules for the 3 months and lift together. Also, due to my vaction schedule I’m starting this on August 1st.

          • Have you checked with Kelly about this? You would need a separate coach present in order to do this.

    • That’s cool trash. You will have to keep us posted as you do the program.

      • Stupid autocorrect. I meant trish.

  8. 4 rounds RX in 24:59

    MUs felt like crapola today.

  9. Started with blue-band seated MUs but near end of 1st round switched to rowing MUs. Wall balls were the hardest: 10# ball to about 8-1/2 feet.

    5 rounds in 22:40

  10. Good workout today! Missed the barbell, but good stuff!
    RX 16:09

    Side note, talk to me tomorrow about this girls….

  11. Dammit. I am very happy out here in San Francisco for the weekend but I finally had a MU and don’t get to use it! Nice work to all that made it in today. Looks like a good one.

  12. Here is what I did.

    5 rounds
    12 Rowing MU
    12 burpees
    18 wallballs 14#

    I worked out with Laura. She can’t do the rolling burpees so I didn’t either! I promise to do them next time.

    • Great working out with you two. I couldn’t do the rolling burpees either bc of back pain. Wasted lots of time trying to switch to banded MUs on rd 3.
      5 rds: 12 Row MU, 12 burpees, 18 14# WBs in 23:??

  13. 25:38, rowing MU, 8# ball

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