Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Will gettin it dun!!!

12 minutes Clean and Jerk practice.


In 12 minutes complete:

Row 2k

With the remainder of the 12 minutes…

AMRAP: Clean and Jerk (anyhow) 135/95lbs

Score is total reps of C&J.

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  1. Hey everyone on FB!

    There is a new online mag called “WOD talk” and they are soliciting submissions for a cover pic for Aug. I submitted a really cool pic of me doing DU that Laura took a little while back. If you are on FB.. go to my page to find the link or if you are not “friends’ with me, find me (Therese Poole) and you can see the link on my page. Whoever gets the most votes will be on the cover!

  2. That was a long-ass row!
    Total: 9 C&J, Rx
    Slammed my chin w the bar on a jerk…ouch!!

    • Ouch is right!

  3. Nice job this morning ladies 🙂 good to see Kristin back! Also…uber props to Emily for getting her very first handstand!!!

  4. Loved this work out. I felt like I was keeping pace with group,

    7 c&j @ 110#

    • You were! Did great too!! We need to have a sit down next time I see you…I need a google + tutorial 🙂

  5. Took just over 9 min for the row.

    3 cleans and one clean and jerk 95 lbs.

  6. Clean & jerk practice @ 135#

    Metcon: 6 c&j’s (Rx)

  7. 9 C&Js (RX), Should have gotten about 3-5 more but took way too much recovery after the row. Always have a difficult time lifting anything (light or heavy) after a long row. Just pick up that damn bar after you get off the C2!

    • your right – that is the key to this one. Just get off and start moving weight.

  8. 18 reps as RX…row was 7:49. Tough! Lots of sweat! Kudos to Adam for rocking his first CFRX WOD!

  9. 16 reps, RX
    9:08 on the row

    • You realize you did more than half of grace in under 3 minutes and after a 2000 meter row. Awesome.

      • Thank you, Bryan. This was a good workout for me. Not as good as it was for you, but good nonetheless. It would have been fun to do this one with you. 😀 Yay for the big guy (and girl)!

        • double like! yay for the strong girl and guy.

          • Nice work Pat and Bryan!!!

    • Damn, girl!!

      • Exactly…girly work…you girl – hahahahahaha!!

  10. 11 cleans @ 66 # ( I think)
    Row took around 9 mins, seemed like forever!

    • Great job today! Strong score! Loved meeting and hope he comes back.

  11. Ok – That was fun. One of my best days. Especially felt good after yesterdays poor performance. Granted two were handicapped – but how often will I ever get to say I beat Erica, Kelly and Laura.

    RX – 21 Reps. Ended Row at 7:45.

    • Wowza! Very nice.

    • 😀 Yay!!!

    • Whoa, you killed it. I thought the same thing….”yesterday was awful” + “how many times will I get to TIE Erin?”= WOD love

  12. 10 reps RX. Row took 8:55

    Nice to finally do a post-prego workout RX! I was very happy with my row time. Clean and Jerks felt much heavier after the row than before! Glad Kelly gave me the advice to just pick up the bar right away after the row. I rested quite a bit on the C&Js but felt I needed it. Only slight regret was calling it quits with 17 seconds left. Started with regular jerk until Trish reminded me to split – that was easier. Probably had 1 or 2 more in me physically, but mentally I was done!

    Awesome to watch Bryan and Trish kill it! Thanks to Kelly for holding Van while I worked out.

    • Yowsa! I am glad to have such great folks like you and others to inspire me!!! Thanks All!!

  13. enjoyed the row for 9:42
    15 c&j at 55#
    Props to all you strong ones!

    • And the “old strong ones” too!!! (you know who you are!)

  14. Row in 8:30

    15 reps at 82

  15. I was in the last heat with Kelly & CStreet?!/@;$^*{
    How? Glad I didn’t actually ask that because it was great to chase those guys on the WOD. True inspiration and seeing their hustle helped me keep up!

    C&Js (Split Jerks): 87lbs/7Reps
    Not sure when I officially finished. :/

  16. 8:34 2k row
    13 C&Js RX

  17. Clean & Jerk: 6 reps at 53#

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