Friday, July 8, 2011

3 rounds for time of:

Run 800m
10 Wall Walks
25 Knees to Elbows

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  1. This WOD was harder than I expected.

    Metcon: 22:23 (Rx)

  2. Agreed, david.
    31:20. Knees toward elbows and stomach getting closer to the wall for the wall walks.
    Great 6am crew today!

  3. Yep, it was TOUGH!

    24:34 rx

    Thank you Pat for your continued encouragement, it was tough to keep moving!

    I also got two kipping HSPU from the ground today!!! Thanks Michael for your tips last week 🙂

    • good work

  4. Definitely much harder than expected.


    Did wall walks for rds 1-2: First round hands were about 6 inches from the wall, thighs touching wall but not stomach. Second round hands were more like a foot from the wall. Third round I bailed and did 40 shoulder touches with feet on red box. KTE started out as knees to armpits and then ended up knees TOWARD elbows. Lots of room for improvement but I’m happy to have gotten a great workout.

    Van officially loves the gym. He is always an angel while I am working out.

    • He was perfect and cute!
      So was Melvin!

  5. 38:27

    Sub 1000m row for the run
    Walk walk, hands were maybe 3′ from the wall
    K2E, was more like knees to belly button.

    Thanks to Pat and all the girls for the cheers on my last set. The support was really helpful. thx.

    • You did awesome. You really stuck with it. Good for you!

  6. Time: 32:21

    Wall walks were terrible, my hands never came close to the wall. Not great form on the KTE either. It was plenty of work, though!

    • Hey, will the Saturday benchmark WODs and team workouts get posted in advance? I hope so. 🙂

      • i hope so too…

        • …only first saturday of each month…but yup, they’ll get posted 😉

  7. Alt Wod

    3 rounds
    4 minutes max rep step ups, 15″ box
    15 pushup to plank hold for 4 shoulder touches
    20 KTE on the rings

    stepups by round: 108, 90, 80

    • looks like a good (and different) workout!

      • Yes. I felt very special because Laura had a specific plan for me and all my issues. I’m going to miss her when she’s gone. 😦

  8. ?for the weekend: Are there WODs tomorrow at 9 and 10 or just 10?

    • just 1000…0900 will only be added to the first Saturday of each month for now…but should folks demand it more often, we’re here to swerve…uh, serve 😉

      • Just a suggestion, but could Sunday become a benchmark day. You could pick out a dozen or more benchmarks that had easy movements, so you can keep it as a limited coaching day. With 12 benchmarks you could see progress every 3 months. Which, as a new guy, would be very encouraging. For the more experienced folks, it might get a bit repetitive.

        • actually, this type of benchmark will occur during the Tuesday-Thursday Skills/Foundations classes scheduled to begin in August…not to let the cat outta the bag or anything…more info to follow

          • Sounds great, can’t wait for more details.

  9. 31:28
    This WOD stunk! 😛

    Did Wall Walks for 1 Round. 2nd round 4 W.W. then abandoned W.W. ship and did 4 shoulder touches to count as 1 W.W. Sheesh, it was tough.

    8:30 crew rocked it and Mark ended strong with the “Eye of Tiger” music….a sign(?), I think so!!! 🙂

    • You did great, as did everyone!
      The Eye of the Tiger played while we were all working but he got “Gonna Fly Now”…perfect!

  10. Some pictures from this morning’s 8:30 session for your enjoyment. Also a couple from the noon session.

    • How fun! Thanks for posting these!

    • Yes, thanks! I love the one where I am laid out on the ground – lol!
      And the one of Jessica on the K2E!!

      • HA! That picture of my doing K2E is now my Facebook Profile picture and a friend of mine said it looked like I was in labor…I said, “Labor was easy, crossfit is worse than that!” HA 😛

    • nice pics!

    • Coach Pat ROCKS!!!

  11. 33:02

    need to work on getting my knees to elbows.

    good job everyone!

  12. 18:37 rx. Great crew at 6:00 PM!

    • …Fast! Nice work ninja-dude 😉

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