Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rest Day

Throw/kick/bounce a ball (any type) outside for at least 20 minutes (with friends if possible) OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed

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  1. Great pic! Joy looks like an action hero!

    • Joy IS an action hero!

    • *photo credit to Coach Pat*

      • actually YOU took that picture, Michael. You used my camera, but you took that picture. 🙂

    • Oh, hey, I love this pic! Thanks photographer & commenters! I’ve been off family vacationing all week. Swimming, sliding, carrying children at a waterpark resort. Now back to real workouts!

  2. Melvin (my dog) wishes to express his gratitude for today’s rest day workout. He would like to add the word “fetch” to the description and says that he will be doing it RX.

    • Go Melvin!! …post results to comments 🙂 (until we get our official Dogfit page set up) My Maddy will be doing a couplet: 50m tennis ball fetches + squirrel-chase sprints…rep scheme to be determined

  3. Tuesday (7/5/11) Make-up:

    Thrusters (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1): 75lbs (First Time doing an Rx weight!!!!!!) 😀
    Pullups: Tan Band (Tried green band, not too bad, but would have done broken pullups if with green. Thus I went with Tan band)

    • Great job Jessica!!!

  4. Made up Wednesday’s metcon, subbing 25# KBS for double-unders. Those of you who remember what it is like to be post-partum will understand why double-unders are not a good idea for me right now.


    Rows were: 2:08, 2:23, 2:28
    KBS were broken 65/35;35/25/15;25/15/10

    • Good job!

  5. Made up Tuesday’s Thruster/PU mayhem.
    13:29 with RX unbroken thrusters, 10# weighted PUs. Most time consuming was the transition time to get the DB set to go. Lots of single Pullups. Great little crew at 8:30am. See ya’ll next week.

    • Great time, Christin and congrats on the weighted pullups!

  6. made up yesterdays with a little mod


    row 500m
    100 DUs
    row 500m
    75 DUs
    row 500m
    40 singles/ 40 lat jumps

  7. Trying to get better about blogging:)
    Made up yesterday
    Cleans RX, touch and go
    Row DU WOD RX

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