Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 minutes to establish a 3rm Shoulder Press.


21-15-9 of:

Hang Squat Clean 135/95lbs

For time.

People at play

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  1. My shoulders hurt just thinking about this one.

  2. Shoulder press-110#

    Metcon: 14:59 (Rx)

  3. Shoulder press – 120#
    (Matched previous PR for 3RM. Ran out of time before trying any more)

    Metcon: 20:51 (110# for HSCs, HSPUs to 1 abmat)

  4. Nice big group at 8:30am! Sorry I ran over the hour a little but there was lots to cover today. Great job everyone,
    I have two Peachtree Road Race #s for sale. One in the E Group and the other in N Group. I can’t remember what I paid for them. If you’re interested send me a msg to or txt to (404)702-4635

  5. This was better than I thought today. First the good
    3RM Shoulder Press – 154
    Metcon – 19:04

    Hang Squat Cleans were RX and all one movement and did not break up squat and clean parts. Plus majority of my sets were in sets of 4 or 5.

    Now the bad – I somewhere lost my HSPU, if someone finds them please return. Dropped down to black and blue band and one abmat. Range of motion in left shoulder is painful.

  6. 69 lbs for 3 rm shoulder press.

    Metcon…This was ugly!!!
    I used 88 lb for hang squat cleans. I did all of them straight to the squat though:-). And I dd them all but mostly in singles…my HSPU were weak too, I attribute it the shoulder press work.
    AND I got a new rip, on my thumb!!

  7. 65# 3rm shoulder press


    used 65# for hang squat cleans and red and tiny bands for HSPU. Felt really good on the HSPUs today.


  8. First time back doing a programmed wod. It went pretty well.

    3RM Shoulder Press = 81# I think I had a little more in me but stopped there for now. I don’t have a 3RM recorded, but 1RM is 93#.

    Hang squat cleans @ 77#
    Rd1: 11/5/5
    Rd2: 6/5/4
    Rd3: 5/4
    HSPUs w/ red and blue bands

    Went light on the hang squat cleans and they felt hard but manageable. I have totally lost my rx HSPUs, but really they were never that strong. They were still very hard with the red and blue bands and after the first few I did them 2 at a time and eventually singles. I did enjoy being inverted again and look forward to improving on those significantly with the band before going back to unassisted.

  9. Made this up on Thursday.
    Shoulder Press 3RM, 93# (PR by 3#’s for 3RM).

    Metcon: 16:32 at RX weight. Subbed pike pushups on 28″ box with hands on 4″ plates for greater ROM.

  10. Shoulder press: 38#

    Metcon: 14:10, 27# hang squat clean, pike push ups

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