**Important Schedule Changes**

Please note the following changes to our gym schedule for the 4th of July weekend (yes, this upcoming weekend)

  • Saturday  2 July:
    0900-1000             “Benchmark” WOD
    1000-1100               Team WOD
    1100-whenever      CFRX Monthly “Meat”ing
  • Sunday 3 July:   Closed
  • Monday 4 July:  Closed

For the curious, the monthly “meat”ing will be a recurring social gathering (post-Team WOD) each month for which CFRX will supply 8-9 pounds of BBQ + a few pounds of slaw + open gym space to gather & socialize. BYOBeverages. Also, feel free to bring anything else you might care to munch on & hang out a while with your CFRX crew! 🙂  Everyone is welcome; $10 donations accepted. Future dates To Be Announced.

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  1. Mmmmmm…..meat!!! See u all there!

  2. What is a “Benchmark” WOD?

    • …a WOD you’re going to see again (& again & again) in the future that you can use as a measure of progress…for example, WODs like the “girls” on the board or the “hero” wods. never boring. always fun! 🙂

      • Thanks for the clarification, man!!! I’m thinking I’ll go to that instead of the Team WOD although, I’m a little bummed to miss it because I loves me some Team WOD!!! 😀

  3. Fun! Sorry to miss the meat, we’re headed north this weekend. Next time!

  4. Meat is good…I’ll be there!!

  5. mmmm meat! See ya there! Unfortunately, my knee decided to quit again and I am currently unable to straighten it, WODs out…so…just meat for me!

    • dang…your knee looked like it was back 100%…maybe it’ll change it’s mind when it sees other knees having so much fun? see you (& your knee) at the Meating 🙂

      • i went to Crossfit Addiction in Kennesaw yesterday and on the first sprint it just buckled….i finished with one legged burpee pullups. =)

        CrossFit Addiction is a great group, if you are ever up that way, stop in! Owner is James. =)

  6. Thanks for having the social time– fun! Enjoyed getting in a team wod, too, after Crossfit Total. I was focused on putting away the bands and think I left my book & reading glasses — sorry. Now I don’t have my exact numbers. Don’t think they were quite as good as I thought they’d be, but glad I got to lift heavy things. 🙂

  7. anyone know how to register with wordpress so I can post to the blog without using FB or Twitter (they want too many permissions and I like my privacy)?

    • Go to this page and *don’t* fill in the blog stuff– look lower down and there’s a choice “sign up just for a user name”:


      • Joy, thanks.

  8. If we still have our Filthy Fifty times up, will someone get mine before it gets erased??? Please!!

    • Erin,
      Your time was 32:59 (rx). Think this is you, from the 8:30am class. I have a picture of the board only 8:30am and before.

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