Tuesday, June 28, 2011

“In Omnia Paratus”

10×2 Box Squats @ 65% – rest 45 sec.


5 rounds for time of:

10 KBS (70/55 lb)
15 Pullups
10 Box Jumps, 24″ (regionals standards)

Notes: There is a 25 minute time limit.

Welcome to CFRX! Jessica K., Chelsea, Jessica A., & Mark


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  1. 19:06
    44#KBS (felt the 55 in my shoulder and decided to go a little lighter in combo with the pull-ups) but BIG box:-)

    The grip strength is what slowed me down. The pull-ups are slow especially since I’m focusing on over-handed pullups.

  2. Nice job to all the ladies at the morning classes!

  3. Thanks Kelly. 🙂

    16:05, with 44# KB and 20″ box.

  4. Dr. Sadri says I have a herniated disk. I’m seeing him 3/week as my entire left leg is numb. I can’t return to CFRX until I get permission. Going to miss you guys, but I have to take care of this before it gets worse.

    • Oh no!!! xoxo

    • Get better soon

  5. This WOD is a gasser!!

    Box squats-154#

    Metcon: 8:33 (Rx)

  6. Worked on form on the box squats @ 110#
    Metcon: 10:54 with KB swings @ 55 #

  7. Can’t say I was too disapointed that others got to the 2 pood bells before me… 55# in 9:05

    154# on the box squats – first time doing those

  8. 76# box squats with Therese

    Metcon: this one was really difficult today thanks everyone for cheering me on!! 🙂

    in 20 minutes: (44# kb, 24″ box)

    4rds + 10 kbs + 2 pullups

  9. Shared a bar with Jessica 76 lb box squats.

    Started with a 55lb dumbbell, on the third rep of round 2 I nearly hit my head with the bottom part of the dumbbell so I switched to the 44 lb KB.

  10. Today’s vacation WOD for me, Ruthie, Joy, and Liz: two miles of stand-up paddling in the Banks Channel, three-quarters of the way against both current and wind. I stepped on a giant dead crab. Ruth was WAY out in front the entire trip and then about 10 feet from shore at the very end got all fancy with the maneuvers and fell off her board. Heh-heh.

    60 minutes.

    Fun!!! 😀

  11. 110# box squats – first time doing those, so Michael wanted me to go light and work on form and “fast ups”. Felt good and should be able to do Rx weight with no problem next time.


    55# KBS
    20″ box


  12. Couldn’t do the box squats since the noon was too crowded. 13:? on the metcon. Had to use a 55# DB since there were no other KBs. Everything UB except pullups, which took a vast majority of my time.

  13. 120 on the box squats.

    Metcon w 55# kb in 9:56. Most (all?) kb round unbroken. Nxt time will try harder to go 70#.

  14. 154lb box squat – love this move

  15. 13:01, 25# KB, no clue what color band for pull-ups (prob green)

    not sure of wt on box squats

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