Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rest Day

Go for a bike ride on the Silver Comet Trail with your fellow CFRXers @ 0730 ( OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri



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  1. Good morning, bike riders!! Get up get up! Have some coffee and eggs. Grab your bikes, and don’t forget your helmets! See you at the Comet …

  2. Great bike ride this morning! Silver Comet was definitely worth the drive (about 30 minutes from my place). We rode an hour out and then turned around for total trip time of 2 hours. Leisurely pace. Lovely start to my Sunday. We’ll do another bike ride in a few weeks so get your bikes tuned up. Next one will be on the PATH from Decatur to Stone Mtn and back; probably July 24. I’ll let you know for sure. We’ll do the Comet again this fall.

  3. Bike ride was a bit early for me so I decided to come in at 10.

    10 min AMRAP
    1 MU / 2 HSPU / 10 squats
    5 rounds even

    Rest 5 minutes

    Run 1 mile

  4. Bike ride was awesome this morning. If you didn’t make it, you missed out! We did about 17 miles, quads are really feeling it. Great rest day WOD! 🙂

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