Friday, June 24, 2011


In 20 minutes complete:

10 rounds of:

3 Snatches 135/95lbs
15 Wall Ball 20/14lbs

With the remainder of the 20 minutes, complete AMRAP of:


5 Pullups
10 Pushups (Games standard)
15 Air Squats

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  1. Hey, we’re doing a bike ride Sunday morning, 7:30, Silver Comet Trail. All are welcome. Bring your bike and water. Here’s a link with directions to our meeting point.

    • Followed by breakfast!!

      p.s. Snatches again?

      • (why do you think we practiced them on Wednesday?)

        • Oh. Poop. Stupid elbow.

    • Bike ride is going to be our “active rest day WOD” for Sunday….so you peeps need to join in! If I can pawn the kiddie off on Jess than I may join?

    • Interesting, but not too surprising since the study compared the benefits of chocolate milk to typical sports drinks which are high carb/sugar. Chocolate milk does have some protein to offset the high sugar content. Also, if the primary goal is fat-loss (as opposed to muscle-building), the better option is probably to fast for an hour or two after working out while your body is in peak fat-burning mode.

      • Mmm. Chocolate milk! If I’m busy and miss lunch, sometimes I’ll grab a nonfat chocolate milk at Starbucks and ask for half the syrup (cause it’s waaaay too sweet). Filling and boosts energy. They look at me funny sometimes though.

    • Oh, that’s great Ruth. Fun to read the comments. Also, “Study was sponsored by the National Dairy Council” — I appreciated that someone asked that question– it ought to be in the news release.

  2. One of the best WOD’s I’ve done so far!

    “Isa-cin-aren” @110#

    10 rounds + 3 rounds + 2 PU’s

    This wrecked me!!

  3. 9 rounds even, RX
    I didn’t make it to the Cindy part, but I’m very pleased to have done RX snatches in combination with all those wall balls. Snatches were 1 at a time; couldn’t rep them out at this weight. Wallballs were unbroken on round 1. Subsequent rounds were mostly 7/8 or 5/5/5.

    • Very nice, Pat!

  4. As part of my taper/prep for my adventure next week I’m going to do a WOD in the park today…prob hill sprints and 10 rnds of Cindy.

    I’m off to Summersville Lake, WV to play and train in the wild with Erwan Le Corre and team, founder of MovNat ( Here’s a link to a MovNat video called The Workout the World Forgot:

    Needless to say, I’m psyched…this is my kind of summer camp! I signed up for this well before my foot injury…it’s feeling better, I pray it holds up. I’ll be back in the gym on the 5th or 6th. Have a great week, all!

    • That looks awesome! Have a great trip.

      • Awesome – but barefoot?

        Michael S. must be so jealous!

        • Good luck and have fun!

    • Good luck Trish! (When they started wrestling, I thought I had seen this “camp” before.)

      • 🙂

    • Yeah, you are gonna have a blast! ENJOY!!!

    • I hope they feed you well, because this looks exhausting.

      p.s. Who will you wrestle?

      • They said we can look forward to 3 copious paleo meals a day…and I am! The wrestling, not so much. But, I can hold my own. Growing up in between four brothers has payoffs 😉

        • Have a great time at “camp,” Trish. Take pics!

        • Have a great time…and be sure to take good care of your foot!

    • Wow, Trish, that looks amazing. Have a blast!

    • Thanks y’all! See you soon!

  5. This WOD is my nemesis…
    I used 66 lb for the snatch and 12 lb for the WB 9 rounds even

    I am starting to realize that I am doing the WB wrong (not sure how) but I cannot catch the ball and squat at the same time or I drop the ball. This means that I am basically doing each one as a single.

    After talking to a few ppl, I realize that it may be that I am not catching the ball high enough up, i.e. I’m waiting until it gets to my chest to catch it.
    I will be practicing some different approaches in the near future. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to them!

    • I need to get out the video and then look at in in slo-mo. Not sure you need to catch it higher. I think you need to develop the power and speed to drop quickly into the squat as the ball lands into your hands. I don’t really think of “catching” the ball but rather, I think of the ball “landing” into my hands (high, elbows up) then dropping quickly.

    • Hey, Poole, at those weights, it looks like you’re doing pretty darn good!

  6. And I thought I was going to have to do pullups…
    9 rds @ 88lbs

  7. Modified and scaled to protect effed elbow. 32# hang squat snatches; 10# WB.

    Highly unpleasant. 7 rounds + 4 hang power snatches. WBs were more of a struggle than usual.

    • Oops. Not hang SQUAT snatches. Hang POWER snatches. And I did 6 per round.

    • Sorry about your elbow, Terri!

  8. I loved this one and it wrecked me too but I am still feeling good. I think my Karen is around 9:00 and Isabel is just shy of 8:00. So stoked I did this RX and managed to get one round of Cindy.

    Snatches unbroken at least less than 3 seconds between snatches. Managed to break up most rounds of WB in 8/7

    • Great job. I am jealous.

    • Congrats, Bryan! That’s great.

    • I am WAY jealous!!

  9. 60# snatch/14# wb

    6 rds + 3 + 12

    I felt super short today doing the wbs and kelly told me that i need to drop the weight to 10#s. I agree cause all of my wbs were short of the target and I dropped almost every one of them. WBs are definitely a huge weakness for me and I’ve skipped WODs in the past cause of them. So now I realize that’s not helping and that I should be working through it.

    Have fun Trish!

    • I’m still trying to get the darned 8lb to the target, so hang in there. But sometimes it’s good to scale back and get the form and height. Good for you for doing a 60# snatch!

  10. Came in and did a 3k row. Great watching the 6pm group doing Isa Cin Ren!

  11. High energy group at 8:30am!
    Worked out with Laura afterward. Humbling.
    10 Rounds + 3 Pullups @ 66#
    Laura (RXd of course) lapped me like 3x.

    • Great work, Christin!

  12. Snatch practice with Michael was good. With a PVC. Heavier snatches, not so much.
    In the wod, I stuck with PVC. Wall ball with a pitiful little 8 lb, but sometimes I could get it to the beautiful new target.
    8 rounds + 3 snatches

    • Awesome!!

  13. Back started hurting as I got up there in rds so scales back by 5 lb and did hanging snatch for the last two rds.

    9 rounds 3 snatches at 98 lb for 8 rd and 93 for the last 2.

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