Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rest Day

Practice jumping rope for 15 minutes (outdoors ideally) OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed

Everybody Jump Jump

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  1. That’s Erin lookin’ good!

  2. Look at those muscles!!!

  3. Ditto what pat and bryan said!

  4. Look how wide apart my hands are!! No wonder I am always tripping on my rope! 😉

    • Look how perfectly upright you are and how strong you are.

  5. Resting my hideous elbow today. My tennis experiment seems to be failing. 😦 Maybe I should switch to racquetball, but I love to play outside. Wonder if I’m too old to take up soccer … Is there a senior soccer league for women who’ve never played?

  6. Rest day WOD
    3 rounds:
    15 deadlifts (225)
    20 lateral jump burpees
    25 GHD’s


    • 14:56 @155

  7. Decided it was time to start the peachtree training program (since the race is in 10 days). Jogged 3.2 miles around the neighborhood in 26:30 (~8 min pace). Need to pick up the pace a bit for July 4th.

    • Thanks for the reminder that I need to start training too! What’s your #? I’m 6000-something.

      • CF training will get you a good 6 miles, don’t worry! At least that’s what I’m counting on. I’m in corral C, how about y’all? Not that we’ll likely be able to find each other in the sea of 60,000!

        • I’m in B.

          • I hope you’re right about the CF programming transferring to running. I haven’t been running much at all recently and am hoping my 10K time hasn’t gotten too much worse.

            I’m in the subseeded group (just in front of A), #1220.

      • oh yeah i need to get my race number. know anyone selling one?

        • I know someone who is selling her number. Want me to get her contact info for you?

      • I’m in L, Paul is in M…

  8. Get it Erin! Gunsgunsguns!

  9. Got an appointment with Dr. Sadri for Monday afternoon!

  10. Made up Mondays – RX – 3 rounds plus 3 FS.

  11. made up wednesdays WOD and I actually barely finished under 12 minutes. so i was pretty happy about that.

    push press @55#s:

    rd 1-20 reps
    rd 2-11 reps
    rd 3-10 reps

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