Wednesday, June 22, 2011

15 minutes Snatch Practice.


3 rounds for total reps of:

Max Rep Push Press 135/95lbs
30 Toes to Bar

*There is a 12 minute time limit to complete the total WOD. Every unfinished rep is subtracted from total reps.

Hi. I am a lonely, forgotten 20kg plate. Somebody used me as a step for the pullup bars, then left me all alone. I am sad.

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  1. Poor sad 20k plate. He is almost as sad as the 5k plates and their pitiful tape bandages.

  2. Ha! Wonder who that was? I think I may know her. πŸ˜‰

  3. 😦 I pretty sure I got prereminded today….Oh how the brain goes to sleep after 80 pull-ups!

    Don’t some of you box users want to start joinging me in using the 20kg plate to reach the bar!!!!! That way it wouldn’t definitely be mine πŸ™‚

    • Yes…PLEASE!!! And that way I wouldnt be stacking boxes up after every class πŸ™‚ and Terri….you’re funny:) the bandages 5k and 10# plates will soon be replaced!! Hooray new plates!

  4. So I assume only the push press reps count here?

  5. Two things!

    1. I am going to michigan tomorrow to meet my little 3 month old niece for the first time…and see my family! =) I will be gone for a week.

    2. Does anyone know of anyone who wants 2 very fat and wimpy kitties? They are 4.5 years old, declawed, and sweet as can be. Ask Therese! =) I love them death but all of this traveling is making it very hard to look out for them and I think they need a reliable home. They’ve moved 8 times with me since 2007 and have lived with dogs, clawed cats, male & female cats, and kids. I hate to do it to them anymore. If you know anyone, please let me know!!

  6. Squat snatch practice at 66#
    Metcon: Push press (@ 88#): 20/12/12 – 12 rep penalty = 32 total

    Back felt fine at these weights. Probably could have done more push press reps but felt good about stopping before my form got too bad.

  7. Squat snatch practice @ 88#, 110# , 115#

    Metcon: @110# push press
    1) 12
    2) 6
    3) 7
    Total: 25
    Finished all T2B’s

  8. Good intro WODS today…nice 8:30 class too! Good job people!!!

  9. Completed the 3 rounds with 49# PP: 13 | 12 | 10

    This went faster than I was expecting because for the first time I was able to do the TTB (toes toward bar) in sets of 10 instead of my usual 5, and my rest time between sets was much shorter.

  10. Squat snatch practice at 53 lbs and 63 lbs.

    Used 73 lbs for push press.

    My forearms felt like they were Popeye arms!!

  11. Squat snatch practice. Worked up to 87#.

    82# push press
    17/10/12 = 39
    Finished in ~11:30
    Toes towards bar

  12. 31 reps (11/10/10) w/81# PP

  13. I feel like such a sneak today…I skipped πŸ˜‰

    • Me too. Started working out but Comcast interrupted me. :/
      Lots of new faces at the 8:30am class!

  14. Hopefully this storm will pass in time for me to get to the gym!

  15. Still dabbling in re-entry. I am in Wisconsin for a week. Did a short wod that was harder than it should have been. Lunges were so slow it was like I was doing them in slow motion.

    20 burpees
    run 1 mile; do 10 lunges at top of each minute
    20 burpees

    about 14 minutes

    • This is still really fast! You goof. Fast goof.

  16. Today was horrible. Time to see Dr. Sadri.

    Subbed 88# strict press and wall ball sit ups.

  17. I enjoyed today. I really have to work on my form for the snatch. I keep wanting to do muscle snatches…

    PP @ 88#
    Toes toward bar, flexibility is getting much better because toes are getting higher
    17/9/10 = 36, no penalty

  18. Good to be back but felt weak.
    Rx – 17-7-10. And missed last round by 2 so total if 29.

    Got frustrated in second round when Laura kept saying I was jerking – lesson learned.

  19. This WOD was terrible for me. Snatch practice at 53#. Then went super light for the PP @ 44#. Got 19-11-5, but my TTB were awful, I think mainly because of my ripped hands. I stood around a whole lot wondering why I was even doing them when my hands were so painful. So, I did not even get to the last round of 30, giving my a whopping score of 5. It was a CFRX low.

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