Tuesday, June 21, 2011

5×5 Weighted Ring Dips – rest 60 sec.


4 rounds for total time of:

Run 400m
20 Pullups
Rest 2 minutes.

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  1. i heart running.

    • Where are you!!!!

      • I went at 5pm today! 17:11!!!

  2. Dips: old red band

    Metcon: 24:31 RX

    Lots of fun energy at the gym today.

  3. Dips. 25-35 lb vest increasing as we went on. Final dip was real tough. So must’ve played it right.

    Metcon 15:15.

  4. Dips @ 10#

    Intervals (400m run, 20 pull-ups, 2 min rest)
    1) 2:08
    2) 2:30
    3) 3:20
    4) 3:13
    Total: 17:10

  5. Nice little met con today….very misleading! When done correctly it’s one of the more difficult workouts I’d had in awhile 🙂

    Finished in 14:??

    Good stuff!

    • Dude, unacceptable. How am I supposed to chase you if I dont know where within 14 min you finish? 😉

      Nice time btw.

  6. Dips with my tiny purple and Joy’s tiny red. (thanks, Joy).

    subbed 40 stepups on 15″ box for the run
    Total time, including rest was 18:11. Time for each round was:
    R1: 2:45
    R2: 2:55
    R3: 3:05
    R4: 3:26

    • blue for pullups.

  7. 5×5 Dips w/ 10# DB

    Metcon: 14:04 – subbed 40 step-ups for run; PUs unbroken

    • 20″ box for step-ups

  8. ring dips: Rds 1-3 (40# DB) Rds 4-5 (45#DB)

    1) 1:48
    2) 2:06
    3) 2:28
    4) 2:50
    Total: 15:12 (Rx)

    Runs got slower each round, pullups unbroken in all rounds

  9. I don’t mind running and I don’t mind pullups, but the combo of the two along with the heat at noon was humbling. Great group!
    Blue band on dips (too much assist) and 18:?? on metcon.

    • It was the old worn-out blue band.

  10. My splits were around 4-4.5 minutes. Neither the run nor the pullups felt particularly good but felt good to finish RX.

  11. Dips w/ blue band on GHD machine

    Met con: 17:37? I think? subbed ring pulls for pullups. Hope I can start doing banded pullups soon!!!

    • you will!! stick with it! great job!

  12. Dips 5×5 with my tiny red

    For the 4 rounds, I subbed 40 step ups on 15″ box for the running which Dr. Cho told me not to do (& no jumping for a bit, either)
    Used my tiny red, then red, then both for pull ups
    I think my total time was 18:59.

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