Friday, June 17, 2011

12 minutes Snatch practice.



9-7-5 of:

Squat Snatch 135/95lbs

For time.

Andrew in Bermuda

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  1. Nice pic. I guess I need to get one from down here in far south Texas…

  2. Nice pic. I guess I need to get one from down here in far south Texas…

    • Go to Ranger CrossFit in McAllen and buy me a T-shirt!!

      • p.s. Unless the T-shirts suck. In which case, just work out.

        • well, I DID go for a good run in the retirement village tonight…

  3. get it drew!!!!!

  4. Today was rougher than I expected.

    Got through 9s and 7s plus 5 snatch and 1 MU.
    Snatch at 98. Band assisted MUs w skinny white.

  5. Ugh! I was WAY in my head today…

    Used 55 lb for the squat snatch, tried some MU, failed, then did some band MU and rowing MU….


  6. Anyone interested? Tomorrow is the last day to sign up….we can do individual or team of 4…

  7. I really like this WOD

    “Amanda”-7:37(98# squat snatch)

  8. Still feeling crappy and have zero interest in CFing, which is rare. So, I’ll take heed and rest. Hope to see y’all on Monday. Have a good weekend!

    • Eeeewy….where’s normal trish?

    • Definitely not like you. Glad you’re honoring
      what your body is telling you. Feel better.

  9. This was an unpleasant one for this ol’ girl. I suck at both of these movements!
    76lb snatch squat
    9 9 7 1 w/ (blue) band MU

  10. 82# squat snatch
    Subbed RMU for MU (2 for 1)
    In 15 min I got thru 1 snatch on round 5. Had a number of misses on Round 7. Considered scaling down but hung with it. This is suppose to be heavy.
    Tough. Big props to those who did or have done this RX.

  11. First time back with snatches and rowing muscle ups

    Went with 55# snatches and the rowing muscle ups 11:55

    the shoulder feels great

  12. Made it through 3 muscle ups of the 7s. 55# for the snatches and rowing muscle ups.

  13. 55# for snatches
    9-7- (3 of 5 snatches) in 15 minutes

  14. MOD WOD: squat cleans + 2 for 1 burpee box jumps
    77# for cleans
    DNF (9-7-4 of 5 snatched) in 15 min

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