Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rest Day

Practice being upside down: pike pushups, frogstands, handstands, cartwheels, etc….on a beach if possible OR make up Mon/Tue/Wed

Guess who?

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  1. Jessie! … right?

  2. Yessie!

    • Funny!!

      This AM was crazy!! And by crazy I mean I drank a lot of coffee and watched Zeke work out solo 🙂 nice job BTW…he killed it! Couldn’t have done it w/o me 😉

  3. Worked out at Crossfit Toronto this morning.

    4k jog to the gym

    Bench press 10 @ 95, 3 @ 135, 3 @ 155
    5×15 DB press @ 25#
    5×15 upright row @ 75#


    1 min thrusters @ 95# (12/6/6)
    1 min double-unders (57/37/30)
    1 min burpees (14/12/12)

    4k job back to hotel

    • I like the 8k added on to your wod, Aaron. Very nice!

  4. upright row? at a CF gym?

    • …hmmm, maybe they were SDHP’s…?

      • …bent-over DB rows.

        • Definitely not SDHPs. They were described as upright rows but are probably best described as bent over barbell rows. When I mentioned that this particular movement hadn’t come up in 2+ years at CFRx, the training explained that the gym was in the middle of a strength cycle that focuses on isolation movements.

  5. Kitsch’n 155: New restaurant on Clairmont near Mason Mill (between MM and the VA hospital). REALLY GOOD.

    Among the primal options: pot roast, salads with grilled chicken or burger patties, burgers sans bun, all-meat chili, sweet potato fries, sliced tomatoes, grilled onions or mushrooms, chicken kebobs, all-beef hotdogs no bun.

    I grabbed takeout and took it home: pot roast, green beans, and a cool, fresh salad with homemade blue cheese dressing. It was perfect. Terri sez: Check it out!

    • is that what you did instead of make up that workout at the gym this evening? ;P

      • Um …

  6. So my back is much improved since I injured it Tues but I went to Dr. Cho today just to be safe. I’m going to take it easy for another little bit. I have some core exercises to work on.

  7. Visited Dr. Sadri today with some neck/shoulder/upper back issues. He told me to take it easy, just know my limits, but he didn’t restrict any of my workouts. 🙂

    Made up Wednesday @88#

    4 rounds even

  8. Made up yesterday’s WOD…all by my lonesome at 4pm! Well…with the wonderful presence of Laura D.

    5 PC
    5 SJ
    5 FS
    500row / 25 T2B

    3 rounds even RX @ 120lbs.

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