Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20 minute AMRAP of:

5 Power Cleans 185/120lbs
5 Split Jerks 185/120lbs
5 Front Squats 185/120lbs
Row 500m/25 Toes to Bar (alternating)

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  1. Now this looks fun – but at the beach, see y’all next week

    • Personallu, I think the beach sounds more fun…

  2. Thank goodness tomorrow is rest day. This one was a struggle because my core muscles are shot from the last 2 days and hand opened on the TTB. Stuck with 88#. 3 rds + 15 reps.

  3. 4 rounds even @ 70#. Plenty hard.

  4. This workout felt awesome!
    4rds 2 cleans @ 110lb
    Great early crew this am 🙂

  5. Really enjoyed this but still need to improve my cleans to get to higher weights.

    4 rds 5 cleans 5 SJ @ 110.

  6. I developed a sore throat/sinus issue last night. Perhaps from recent evening runs in Smoglanta? Or, I’m just a bit run down. I feel good otherwise but still probably best to take the day off. 😦 I hope to make this up tomorrow…looks like a fun one.

    • I’ve had a lot of sinus issues this week too!
      You will like this one I think!

  7. These are the types of WODs I need!

    AMRAP(132#): 4rds + 1 clean

  8. MOD WOD w/ 15 box jumps instead of push jerks and V ups for TTB.
    3rds + 5 + 15 box jumps + 5 FS + 200 m row at 71#. That was HARD. Fun 8:30 am group today!!!

  9. 4 rounds even at 110#.
    TTB: Toes are plenty high; I just can’t touch the bar. My toes are a few inches out from the bar. Flexibilty.

  10. 100 meters shy of 3 rounds with 66#, which was REALLY VERY EXTREMELY HORRIBLY HEAVY. 😉

  11. So I have a question.

    What is the collective experience with gloves? I imagine they’re okay for lifting but may affect grip and that they ate bad for pullups altogether. That said Id love a solution to torn up hands other than preventative taping forever.


    • Have you tried making those hand protector thingys (not sure if they have a name or not) with tape? I don’t rip often but when I do, they have helped a lot.

    • I would say they are not “OK” for lifting. Anything that gets in the way of your grip is not helpful. Preventative taping works, and everyone from novices to the best lifters in the world tape their hot spots before working out. With continued work and maintenance, your hands should eventually have less rips/hot spots, and the need for taping should diminish.

      • Thanks. Figured as much.

    • I’ve tried them twice now — about a year apart — and found that they don’t help at all.

  12. In wods like this, I wish I was bigger, 87 lbs was heavy for the jerks!
    4 rounds + 4 cleans
    I realize this is not a heavy squat load but it is still good to be squatting without pain!

  13. 3 rds + 5 + 5 +1 @ 77lbs

    good noon group!

  14. 3RDs at 85lbs (wish I would have did the 88lbs but when I tried my knees were screaming @ first rep; 85 was the best I could do) : /

    Ripped hands, forgot to tape.

  15. 3 rounds 5,5,5 and 175 meters. Used 55#. Tried 65, but struggled with the split jerks at that weight.

  16. 3 rds 5/5/5 5 T2B. @ 132#

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