Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 minutes Strict Muscle-Up practice.


3 rounds of:

5 Wall Walks
20 Pullups

-followed by-

50 BB Weighted Stepups (95/65lbs), alternating, @20″ (25l/25r)

For total time.

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  1. Anybody else’s abs saying hello this morning? 🙂

    Deadlines today; tennis this evening. I’ll make this one up on Thursday.

    • Your abs can talk?? You’re super special!

  2. My abs aren’t saying hello but my back said goodbye! Got thru the three rounds of wall walks and red-band pullups. Then back spasm on about the fourth step up with 38# bb just before 14 minute mark. It doesn’t seem that bad, but I’m icing it and will be careful.

  3. Overslept! No alarm! Terri, I’ll make this up Thursday with you. It’ll give my hands a couple more days to heal before pullups. Now off for a quick run…Joy, hope the back is okay!

  4. Made it in at 6:30 this morning before heading to a conference for a few days

    Strict MU practice with red band. Awkward

    16:43 Rx for the WW/Pull-up + step-up combo
    10 sets of 5 for the weighted step-ups

  5. Pullup practice
    23:xx for the wod.
    Blue and tiny bands on the pullups and 48# for the step-ups. Fun to join the 530am crew today.

  6. Today was rough all around for me. I stopped at 20 min. I did 2 rounds of pull-ups/wall-walks before my shoulder started feeling them then did 18 step-ups RX and then 25 at 38#.

  7. Went up against the body weight beasts (Kelly, David, Trish) at noon
    13:18 with 44 lb step ups…note to self…get a posterior chain please!
    I did manage to get two strict MU though!

    • Would have like to watch them go at it!

  8. This workout did not have my name on it…but its done.
    14.55 Rx

  9. Metcon: 11:07 (Rx)

    BB step ups: 10/10/10/8/12

  10. Strict MU practice was illuminating. They felt suspiciously similar to my ‘non-strict’ MUs. Hmmmm….

    Metcon: 10:10 Rx

    • Yeah, we both need to learn to kip better-lol!
      Great job today:-)

  11. Got one muscle up w sone assistance – thanks Laura!

    Metcon rx in 11:27. (back rack)

  12. Getting closer to a MU!

    15:51 Rx

  13. Made this up Tuesday. 22:?? with 22# bar and red band. I suck at wall walks.

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