Monday, June 13, 2011

15 minutes to establish a 1rm Deadlift.



50-40-30-20-10 of:

Ab-Mat Situps

For time.

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  1. Hmm. Interesting to have a double under Wod when I just practiced today and yet still not decent at ’em yet. Maybe it’s another Annie-on-a-box for me?

    Compare to dates I think are May 18, 2010 and August 13, 2010.

    • Thinking I might re-do the deadlift 1RM this week. Wasn’t ready for it this morning. Got 165 and failed at several attempts above that. My conventional DL pr is 176.

      Started with DUs but fairly quickly switched to lateral jumps over parallelettes. Guess that doesn’t exactly compare with box hops but it was nearly 2 min faster than last Annie. 10:42

  2. Annie!! I like her. She’s full of sit ups!!

    • me too!! So excited to get to do a WOD w/out modifications!

  3. That’s my boy Sam! 🙂

    • Cool, I was wondering who that was!

    • gotta love crossfit kids! (or crossfit “recently were kids”) 🙂

  4. Congrats to Eric on his 420# deadlift this morning! He won’t tell anyone, so I’ll tell everyone for him. Yay, Eric!

    • niiiiice!

    • nice work!

  5. 262lb DL. PR.

    Annie in 13:36 – really got to get my DUs up to par but liked the workout.

  6. DL-264#- Same as my 1 RM from 6 months ago….

    “annie”-7:02-(PR of 3 or 4 min)

    DU’s were coming together today

  7. DL 1RM: 193# PR
    “Annie”: 12 minutes even…13:22 last time.

    • Fun to see so many PRs today!

      • Congrats on yours!!

    • Next time, you’ll be over 200#. Wow.

  8. Deadlift – 151 (PR)
    Annie – 12:37 (I think)

    Really enjoyed this one.

    • Deadlift – 151 (PR)
      Annie – 13:37** (not 12 as I posted yesterday)

      Really enjoyed this one.

  9. DL: 308# (PR is 313#)
    Annie: 6:33 (PR is 6:21)

    Neither was a PR but both were close. Shoe came untied during 30 DUs and missed a couple of times before kicking it off and finishing shoeless. Sit-ups were un-anchored which was a change as I usually do anchored abmat sit-ups for Annie

  10. DL = 163# (PR is 170)

    Annie = 10:16
    PR of 2:04 over last May 😀

    • Wow, Terri! You’ll be under ten minutes next time!

    • …triple-unders for you too 😉

  11. My back is bothering me today so I didn’t go for a 1 rep max. I got 264 and stopped there. (PR is 286).

    Alternate workout:
    8 min AMRAP of
    Row 200M
    20 Situps

    4 rounds in 8:26

  12. 8:48 RX and PR by over 5 min!!
    141 lb DL, I wish it were more but considering it’s the first time I lifted heavy in over a year, I’m okay with that.

    • now we’ll be working on triple-unders, yes 🙂

    • Great, Sarah, on your pr and lifting again!

  13. DL: 257# PR

    Alt WOD: 5 rounds of 200m row + 20 situps in 8:38

  14. DL: 257# (PR) with Trish, Pat and Laura cheering me on!

    WOD: “Annie” took me 13:07, gotta make sure to be faster next time!!

    • It was exciting seeing what you can do, which is a lot more BTW!!

    • Laura says everyone has a freak skill. This may be yours. (If it’s not, I can’t wait to see what is!!!) Fantastic performance on your first ever deadlift 1RM!

    • Whoa!! That is awesome!! Wish I could have been there to see you!

    • You looked SO strong!

    • good work!!

  15. Have given up on 1 rep max DL, plus I seem to have a propensity toward injury lately. Worked on medium weighted reps of DL. Ended with 5 at 274.

    Annie – 9:15 which is a 45 sec PR. Almost got my first 50 and all of 40 rounds unbroken. But lost it with 3 or 4 left. 30-20-10 all unbroken. Sit ups were my weakness but did them unanchored

  16. DL were hurting my back and I got scared so just did a bunch at 134 and 154…smh…

    Annie: 6:36 ties PR…was hoping to go under 6 min but my shoe untied in the 30 DU and I agree with Aaron, I’ve always done the SU anchored which I believe does help a lot.

  17. Cool to see so many people PR on the board today!

    DL #187 the heaviest I’ve lifted before today #143

    11:?? with parallelettes.
    Last time I did Annie it was with box jumps at 17:06.

  18. I PR’d both parts today although Annie felt great and the DL felt awful.

    DL 248 (previous 242)
    Annie 8:31 (previous 9:45 anchored, DU were for the most parts sets of 15-20!)

  19. picked up a new project at work and am having a harder time getting to the gym lately… good thing y’all (pat – I initially wrote “you guys” here, but after editing for offensive style, changed to “y’all” so as to only offend the rednecks at cfrx instead of the feminists) keep blogging like mad about pr’s – inspiration for the home gym.

    first time ever lifting over 300 lbs at a new pr of 314#. Last deadlift pr was 276# from some time ago.

    baby was sleeping so just did the situps of annie for fun, no jumping rope, didn’t time them, but had fun anyway… see y’all soon.

  20. DL @ 269# (PR)


    Sub Para jumps

  21. DL 262lb (PR)
    Annie: 8.42

  22. Annie 9:09 Rx (Made this up Thursday)

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