Monday, June 6, 2011

100 Pullups
100 KBS (55/35lb)
100 Double-Unders
100 OHS (95/65lb)

Notes: There is a 25 minute time limit.

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  1. Great 5:30 crew this morning. I left the gym about 6:50…no one had showed at that point for the 6:30.

  2. OUCH!! This ones gonna hurt! Fun one to coach though. Not going to be at RX to do this one, we are in Seaside, but, as it turns out, we’re staying 459 yds from a CF gym? totally random 🙂 Didn’t plan that at all 😉 So maybe they’ll let me do it there? we’ll see?

  3. I did the alt for shoulder injuries to prevent shoulder injury! 🙂
    100 sit ups
    100 good mornings (men’s bar)
    100 DUs
    100 air squats
    exactly 25 minutes because DUs took forever

    • yay! I get a preview of my workout!

    • You may get something a little different, Sarah. I was the “subsitute teacher” this morning, and I let the class tell me what they were going to do. I doubt it will work that way with Laura. 🙂 I’m going to be tougher (and smarter) next time! 😀

      • Oh okay, I really don’t like air squats or good mornings so that works for me. I’ll be doing this on Thursday.

  4. I’m continuing shoulder rehab as well. Sadri says to start working all movements but dips and maybe HSPU back into the regimen. I did 25 min AMRAP 400 M run, 5 pullups, 10 35# KBS, 15 22# OHS. Completed 4 rds even. Definitely as far as I should have pushed the shoulder at this point. Ice is in order today.

    Thanks Pat for coaching 5:30. Great early AM crew!

  5. Fun 8:30 workout this morning.

    I wanted to be able to get through all of the movements, so I did a scaled and shortened workout, but it still kicked my tail:

    50 ring rows
    50 KBS (44#)
    25 20″ Box Jumps
    25 Parallette Jumps
    50 OHS @ 71#

    50+50+25+25+28 in 25:00

  6. Slightly exhausting, eh?!
    Rx 100 100 100 42 OHS

  7. I made it through 13 OHS.

    blue for pullups.
    subbed 1000 meter row for the double-unders (it’s Jumpless June for me).

  8. Metcon: 100/100/100/20 (Rx)

    OHS were tough for me… Like the first 3 movements a lot though

  9. 100 PUs + 100 degrees + 100 KBs + 100 degrees + 1000m row + 100 degrees + 20 OHS 😉

  10. Hands are shredded, but this is one I wish I could have finished. Just to see if I could have caught up to David C, since OHS are one of my strengths. I just never made it to OHS. Pull ups took me 12 minutes.


    Great job to everyone who makes it to OHS

  11. Working at noon is much hotter than 9 am…ugh!

    I got to 25 OHS

    Like David, the first three were no problem for me…but OHS kicked my butt. However, these are the first squats I have done since my injury so I guess I should be happy that I could do them at all!

  12. First workout in exactly one month. Great to be back and be able to do things I couldn’t do before. Per Laura’s suggestion, I did a 15 minute “Cindy” with ring rows instead of pull-ups. I took it slow and it was hard enough! I am curious how sore it will make me. I clearly have post-partum brain because I started doing cindy w/ sit-ups instead of squats…did that for the first 2 1/2 round until Laura noticed. Duh! I ended up w/ 9rounds + 5 ring rows + 10 push-ups. Thanks to Aunt Pat and Bella for watching Van while I did my workout!

    • YAY!

  13. So good to see the Stelten family today!!

    Red band pull ups; 25# KB for stupid tennis elbow; women’s bar OHS. Intended to do 75 of each. After 50 slow pull ups, decided to switch to 50s. During KBS changed my mind back to 75s, but at 65 Laura said stop switching back and forth stay at 50s, so I did 50 DUs then 13 OHS.

  14. KBS kicked my butt especially bc my hands were shredded. Rx 100 100 61.

    In other news Radha did great and has her first hand tear to prove it.

  15. Way to go everybody who did pull ups! Rudy just posted a link to a great demo on how to make tape grips to prevent hands ripping:

    • Yeah, I should have done that…after not ripping on the 100 TTB yesterday, I thought I would be OK, but got 4 rips today…

  16. Did this with Laura. Shoulder pain is back, so I scaled the OHS to empty 45# bar. Everything else RX. Made it to 16 OHS. 6 hand tears later. Thanks for the vid, Joy. I used to make hand grips like that for every WOD with pullups. Need to start doing it again. 🙂

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