Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 minutes to establish a 1 rm Shoulder Press


8 minute AMRAP of:

6 HSPU (regionals standard)
12 OH Walking Lunges (12 L / 12 R) 20/10 kg

Memorial Day "Murph" as Rx'd

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  1. I tried my best to get Eric to come out of the shadows for that picture!

    Shoulder press: 43/55/60F/60F/57
    I’ve done a 60# seated press but 57 may be the best I’ve done for a shoulder press.

    AMRAP: HSPUs w/red & black
    5 rounds plus 4 HSPUs

    • the Beast in the background!

  2. Shoulder press: 115#

    AMRAP: 4rds + 3 (Rx)

  3. Shoulder press: 110-120-130-140F-137F (PR is 137)
    Amrap: 2 rounds + 4 HSPU
    Started Rx on the HSPUs, but switched to some fairly thin bands once I realized it would take most of the 8 minutes to get through the first round.

  4. 97lb shoulder press
    AMRAP: 4 12 wb 14 lunges
    – sub 12 wall ball for HSPU bc of my neck (shoulder press really irritated the crick I’ve had since Friday – Sadri today)

  5. It was good I stayed in the shadows – the reflection off of my white chest would have overexposed the picture and you’d have no record of Murph.

    • ha!!!

    • ha! I was going to post something similar. Eric the ghost.

      • and look how the rings above appear to be ominous demon eyes.

  6. My SP hasn’t budged a single pound since last summer: 60#

    AMRAP with pikes: 2 + 6 + 12

    Did the first 10 lunges with 10k then demoted myself to 5k.

  7. Shoulder Press, 95#. That’s 5 pounds less than my PR from last summer and my seated SP PR back in March. hmph.

    3 rounds + 6 + 5
    Subbed pike pushups on ~28″ box. Hands on ~4″ plates for greater ROM.
    Lunges were RX.

  8. shoulder press: 67#

    3rds + 4 HSPU (blue + tan bands)

  9. I wasn’t getting my head all the way down during HSPU (with the red box, grrrr)

    83# Shoulder Press

    3 Rounds 8 lunges(w/10kg)

  10. Shoulder press: 94# (9# PR)

    AMRAP: 3 Rnds + 4 HSPU

  11. Shoulder Press: 66/88/98/110/120(F) 110# is a PR

    MetCon: Pike Pushups on 24″ box, 15Kg plate for lunges

    2 rounds + 6 + 9

  12. Shoulder press 91#. 95=F

    AMRAP – 3rds w pike hspu

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