Friday, May 27, 2011

3 Rounds

Run 400m
20 Toes to Bar

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  1. No one there at 6:30. What’s up w that?

    • Last time this happened, Kelly said he was putting his number on the door.

      • Hey Christian, (and anyone else who came to workout this morning)

        Its looks as though somewhere in all of the travel plans and gym coverage that somehow Mike and I didn’t account for the Friday morning shift? No excuses, but for what its worth, I wanted to apologize for both of our overlooking the class 😦 There is nothing worse than waking up and finding out that nobody is at the gym to coach…Please, PLEASE call me if this ever happens again… I can be there in less than 2 minutes 🙂 My number is on the door 404-313-1952

  2. 16:46 (Rx)
    Need to work on stringing HSPUs together. Lots of singles in rounds 2 and 3.

  3. HSPUs killed me. 13:55 with increasingly crazy band combinations. Somewhat disappointed w/ that but glad to have gotten some work in before a weekend on the beach 😉

  4. Metcon: 8:56 (Rx)

    Attempted a 10 minute thruster ladder @ 95# with Kelly. Made it thought minute 6…

    • Dang! That’s fast, David!!

  5. 16:35 HSPUs with black and red; running and toes to bar were pretty legit

  6. I may have been the last one to finish at the 9am session but I had fun and everyone was so supportive at the end of the last round! Thanks CrossFitRx-ers!

    • Good work, Jessica! I love our CrossFit community! 🙂

  7. 19:25 Rx

    Thanks Michael! My first unassisted HSPUs.

    • Dude…you rocked! RX!!!

    • Congrats, Brent! That’s fantastic!

    • Brent you’re awesome, glad I got to work out with you today.
      Michael you’re awesome as well, thanks for all the assistance!

    • Awesome!!!!

  8. Pike Push Ups
    T2B which are more like knees above the waist…


  9. 12:53
    HSPU with red and tiny red (Joys).
    Gotta get the hspu soon…I should be able to do this rx…

    • You can borrow my tiny red any time but soon you’ll do this RX!

  10. 14:54 w/ 500m rows and 66# shoulder presses

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