Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10×2 Box Squats @ 60% – rest 45 sec.


15 Knees to Elbows
15 Mountain Climbers (pair; 30 total)
10 Hang Squat Cleans 155/95lbs
50 Double-Unders
12 Knees to Elbows
12 Mountain Climbers (pair; 24 total)
8 Hang Squat Cleans 155/95lbs
40 Double-Unders
9 Knees to Elbows
9 Mountain Climbers (pair; 18 total)
6 Hang Squat Cleans 155/95lbs
30 Double-Unders

For time.

Notes: There is a 25 minute time limit.

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  1. CrossFit Rx represents! Hawaiian hospitality at its best! Checkout the CrossFit 808 homepage:

    • Did the metcon from yesterday.

      4 rounds
      400-ish m (I ran out 1 min 45 sec to approximate the distance)
      25 burpees


    • Cool pic guys!!

    • Great job, all you vacationers! Poole, are you still doing Warrior Dash this weekend?

      • yep! doing the 3 pm group!!

  2. Box squats at 65#.

    Metcon w/slight mods: 18:26. Knees to elbows on the bench. Instead of HSCs I squatted holding a 35# kettlebell. DUs took me forever. 😦

  3. It’s HOT!

    143# box squat

    KTE were much improved but still not there.
    Mountain climbers and HSC were RX.
    Subbed light wallballs (10#) for DU’s. Per Sadri, I am not jumping for 2 weeks to allow my plantar fasciitis time to heal.

  4. Your right Pat – I think I am still cooling down.

    Used 176lb for box squats. A little lighter than I should, but worked on form.

    Metcon – tried RX HSC, but wasn’t going to happen. 132 was plenty. Managed not to break rounds up to much which I was happy with. So tired at end I didn’t record score, but I think it was around 17:00.

  5. Box squats @ 110#
    Metcon: 11:36 (HSCs at 98#)

  6. Whoa. Remind me never to take two weeks off bc of travel again. This was hard.

    Box squats took it easy at 88lb. Will do more nxt time.

    Metcon. 98lb HSC. 19:49.

    HSCs were tough and DUs continue to confound me. Glad to be back though.

  7. Worked out at CrossFit 808 this morning.

    Warm-up WOD:
    2 rounds, NOT for time:
    Accumulate 60 seconds of L-sit holds on rings
    10 Wall Squats
    10 Back Extensions
    5 Inch Worms

    Today’s WOD:
    For time:
    75 Squats
    50 Ab-mat Situps
    25 Ring Dips (used parallettes)
    50 Squats
    35 Ab-mat Situps
    20 Ring Dips
    25 Squats
    20 Ab-mat Situps
    15 Ring Dips

    Time: 19:29

  8. Used 154 for box squats and 132 for HSCs.

    Like Bryan, I was trying so hard not to die, I didn’t catch my time.

  9. sooo. i made my class do this one, but for some reason I thought it was 2RFT. So we did 2…they did awesome.

    I did 2 but my watch stopped half through the 2nd round. My first round was 9:11 with 65lb HSC (unbroken).

  10. 10 x 2 box squat at 110#

    Mod WOD w/ GHD situps and 10# WBs: 15:??

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