Friday, May 6, 2011

15 Minutes of Split Jerk Practice


2 rounds for time and load of:

Run 800m
10 Power Snatches @ Max Load

Notes: There is a 20 minute time limit.

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  1. Split Jerk practice @ 132#

    Metcon: 14:57 @ 98# snatches (Rx)

    I should have used 110#

    • Impressive, David!

  2. Split Jerk practice at 77 and 99. I stayed light and worked on driving the front leg forward instead of driving the back leg back.

    Metcon: 19:50 with 90# snatches. I’ve done Isabelle before at 95#, so maybe should have gone a little heavier, but I tried 97 and couldn’t get it, time was rushed to get ready, so I settled on 90. In the end, 90 seemed about right. Subbed pike pushups on ~28″ box with hands on plates. (I did 10 on the first round using parallettes until that got too difficult.)

  3. Split jerk practice at 99lb.
    Metcon: 18.36 Rx w/ 75lb snatches
    Doing the HSPU with no bands really slows me down. But I did it. I need to work on a kip here so I don’t have to muscle the whole movement!

    • Nice, Erin! That’s a lot of unassisted HSPUs!

  4. Made an appointment with Sadri for Tuesday. Tried a few light split jerks but right arm/shoulder didn’t like it. Need to get lower.
    On the metcon, I subbed 20 bench press (started heavier but went to 49#?) and 10 back squat (99#, then dropped to 77#). 19:56

  5. Split Jerk practice @ 66# to work on form and flexibility.

    MetCon: Pike Pushups from 23.5″ box, 98# snatches. 19:00.

    We’ll miss everyone while we’re on vacation! See you on the 18th!

    • Have fun! On vacation!! In Hawaii!!!

      p.s. Can we come?

  6. Split jerk @ 176

    Metcon: 17:something @ 120 lbs for the sntches, blue bands for HSPUs.

  7. Made this up on Sunday. 17:47 @ 42# with pikes.

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