Friday, April 22, 2011

CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.5

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Power cleans (145lbs/100lbs)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (20lbs to 10′ target/14lbs to a 9′ target) 

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  1. 5rds + 5 PC RX

    Mixed feelings on this one- ttb very slow remainder ok.

    Great job this AM Joy!

    • Not really, Meeks, but thanks. I *will* say my toes to bar were TOES TO BAR! So that felt good. The other stuff, not so much. 🙂

      • I was impressed at the TTB!!!

        • Thanks. Little victories. You’re all around awesome.

  2. 4 slow rounds + 5 cleans + 4 TTB
    Cleans were 66#; TTB were RX; WBS were 10# to 9′ & I counted quite a few WBS that would be no rep if it were for real

  3. Dearest CrossFit family,

    I am struggling mightily with not wanting to work out. I don’t know what to do about it.

    Your pal,

    • Get your a$$ in the gym, sister!

    • The good news is that “wanting to workout” is not required. Stop waiting to feel better and go to the gym. And guess what – THAT’S when you will feel better. Just put it on your calendar and go – stop checking in with yourself to see if you feel like it. Enough already, Terri! What time are you going today?

      • 6 p.m. it is then. 😦

        • I bet that frown will be a smile by 7pm, if not sooner. xoxo

          • Go, Terri! I’ve taken a couple of days off because of some shoulder pain, but hope to be in for a makeup Sunday. Want to meet me?

            • Yes, Paige! I want to make up the runny jumpy workout from Wednesday.

  4. WOD 11.5

    6 rds + 5/10/3= 198 (Rx)

    Tougher than it looked…

  5. 6 rounds + 5 cleans, 10 TTB, 8 Wall Ball

    Awesome group this AM lots of good encouragement!

    • Nice, TPoole (& David!). Yours was RX, too, right?!

      • yep….thanks!

  6. Nice job, 9am crew! Sheesh, that was a long one to watch. I love the longer time domains, so I’m not complaining.
    I’ve been down with a cold/allergies since Wednesday so I’ll need to make this up either Sat (before/after team WOD)or Sun at 10. If anyone can be there as my judge, please post or zip me an email at jcsstreet at I know it’s a busy Easter weekend for some. Thanks!

  7. 5 rounds + 5/10/10
    Since I don’t have TTB, I decided to use this workout as an opportunity to work on this skill. I took my time with the TTB and made 10 solid attempts each round; I settled on this approach rather than hanging out at the bar for 20 minutes hoping to get one. I made a good bit of progress during the workout, and even more after the workout. I’m close to getting it.

    I didn’t do my best on the rest of the workout. Should have done all the cleans and wallballs unbroken because I can, but didn’t. Oh well. Since I couldn’t get the TTB, I just sort of plodded thru the workout.

    • you’ll get TTB I bet this weekend!!

      • Maybe I’ll wait until after the weekend to try again. If I get them sooner, I might be tempted to do 11.5 again. 😉

        • Haha! You should! The rest of the wod is all you!

        • You *should* be sorely tempted, Pat! You know you can get some more reps on this wod!

  8. 6 rds + 5 cleans + 8 or 9 TTB
    Totally faded on that last set of TTB…those little bastards where a challenge for me throughout the workout. My kip (rather, lack-there-of) needs major work!
    This was a hard workout!!
    Fab group this morning!

  9. 4 rds + 5 cleans @ 77#

    The wall balls are so slow for me but i did 14#s and that was the first time i’ve done that in a work out:)

    • Awesomeness!

    • Nice, Jessica!

  10. There are so many reasons I look forward to Friday:

    • LIKE!

  11. Rx 5 rounds 5 power cleans 10 TtB 4 Wall Balls

    Wall Balls were unbroken and that’s all.
    Thoght TtB would be my undoing and they were.

    • Rx, baby!!

    • I swore you would beat me. I had Pat keep yelling at me that Brent is coming. Congrats on th HPCs wed. You destroyed me.

  12. Worked out at 6 p.m. with Sarah and three charming fellows. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. Thanks Joy and Pat and Paige for the push.

    66# cleans, toes toward the rings (thanks for that, Laura), 10# ball

    6 rounds plus 3 cleans

    • That’s some fantastic work you did, T!!

  13. Huge 4pm group – lots of fun!

    Cleans at 110# – should have done 120#
    Toes toward rings (more like see how high you can get your knees)
    12# Wall Balls (the 14# and 20# were all used)

    6 rounds + 5 Cleans + 10 T2R + 14 Wall Balls = 209

    • Lots ‘o reps, Dustin! Good work!

  14. 7rds+5+3 TtB

    Toes to bar were probably the slowest for me, except for one middle round where I found a freakish rhythm and blasted through them. Power Cleans were my favorite part, and I had a good number of no reps on wall balls. I liked this workout.

  15. Made this up today: 5 rounds plus 5 cleans. Cleans @77#, wallballs @12#. Really tried to make TTB Rx.

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