Friday, April 15, 2011


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (120lbs/90lbs)
10 Muscle-ups

Video Instructions for Workout 11.4

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    Sunday, April 17th, 1:00pm-4:00pm
    Kelly’s House – 270 Mathews Avenue 30307
    Bring a paleo side dish/BYOB
    Sign up at the gym!

    • Yay! I love you people, so I am looking forward to this party!

    • BRING IT!!!!!! I’m gonna cut the grass and everything 🙂

    • Can’t wait!! Kelly, is it ok if I bring my friend Sam? He is considering joining RX and I think it will push him along if he gets to know some people.

      • As someone awesome once said….please, please do!

    • I’ll bring my usual Crossfit/Paleo dish: 2 Liter of Grey Goose.

      • Like!

      • love!

  2. Have to fly to KY for work so looks like I will need to make this up

  3. 60 reps. Got to OHS with 15 seconds left but the snatch failed.

    Impressive this AM Zeke!

    • Nice job, Meeks!

  4. WOD: 64 reps , OHS @ 55#. Struggling to get OHS now after a PR of 70# some weeks ago.

  5. Good luck everyone!! I am bowing out now, but I am excited to cheer you all on. I’ll be there at noon to watch!

  6. 60 burpees + 3 OHS at 120#. Burpees took 5 minutes. Got two OHS on my first try but it went downhill after that.

  7. 60 burpees + 2 OHS….burpees in 5 min but the OHS were TOUGH!

    • Great, TPoole! I’m going to try to clean that weight for a PR, can’t imagine overhead squatting it!

    • Excellent, Poole! That’s a very heavy lift for you and you did it!

  8. My goal for this was to complete all 60 burpees. AND I DID IT!! I’m so happy!


    😀 Sweet.

    • Yay!

      • WAHOOO!!!!

  9. Thanks Joy-you pack a lot of power into a small body!

    I forgot to mention that before the wod, I did one MU starting with full turnout and then choking up into false grip and it was not harder than starting in false grip…now I suppose that could be different after doing a few…

    • man, i wish i knew what you were talking about. i watched the demo, and i am going to try this one after my PT test on Sunday but i couldn’t tell why it would make a difference to turnout at first.

  10. RX, 60 Burpees + 14 OHS for total of 74 reps.

    60 Burpees completed at 7:30…that was a fast pace for me, and much faster than when I tested the 20 in warmup the other day. Don’t think I could have gone much faster. Rested 15 seconds. Started OHS at 7:45, and it went like this:
    4, then 6, then 1 and a miss, then 3 for a total of 14 OHS.

    • IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, Pat!! I knew you would rock those OHS!! Very cool!!

    • Dang, Pat! That’s the way to rock it!

      • yeah PAT!!!

    • You are simply the coolest.

      • ditto that.

  11. Rx 60 burpees + 4 OHS : 64
    The OHS were more difficult than I thought…
    It was a beautiful morning & a great group to work out with!

  12. There is a new guy at the gym- an experienced crossfitter…he came in today and started his warmup- went straight into freestanding handstands with shoulder touches, box jumps that were nearly as tall as him and then did some amazing ringwork…i’m sure i was drooling.

  13. this f’ing crossfit open s#@! makes me want to be a girl – or a quiter – 60 burpees in like 4:20 or something, then… 3 OHS out at least 6 attempts or something.

    competition in crossfit hasn’t really ever interested me, its mostly been about personal progression, and getting faster, not so much stronger, although that has been a nice thing too. now my inner quiter is really struggling with the declining rankings in the open.

    put an f’ing 5K in the mix or something please!

    • I don’t like that you used ‘being a girl’ in a derogatory way. Anytime you want to live in my body and do what I do, go for it. Use a a different metaphor next time. Love, Pat

      • The Open’s programming, although eminently fair, makes me wish, for the first time in years, I were an older girl (> 55 div).

  14. Pat – didn’t mean to offend, and did’t intend anything derogatory – I would just be a stronger competitor in the women,s class of the open where weights are more appropriate for my fitness level – that’s all. Great work today.

    • Thanks, Jack. I assumed you didn’t intend to offend or you would not have posted the comment. But consider not using it in the future. It is offensive and sends a bad message to little girls and young women when it is used in this way.

      And I hope you will consider being proud of yourself for getting the reps you did on a very heavy OHS.

    • Jack would be an extremely hairy girl. Ick.

      • Ah but if he were a girl then we’d have a female at our gym that can do MUs and run a 6 min mile.

      • LOL!!

  15. Excellent work 9am class! I loved that you all got 61, 62, 63, 64 reps! All stacked up.
    And huge props to Zeke and Pat for putting up the big numbers today. And Kelly who went yesterday against Brandon Phillips. All amazing performances.

  16. Props to everyone who got any OHS at RX weight! And Zeke really killed it from a look at the whiteboard. I’m happy I reached my goal for today. I did 60 burpees in 5:51 and then in the remaining time cleaned the RX weight (40kg) which was an 8# pr for me. Then I practiced some lesser weight OHS and had a difficult time getting low.

  17. 90 – 60 Burpees + 30 OHS.

    Finished OHS with about 5 seconds to spare, took one glance at the rings and laid down. I probably wouldn’t have gotten a muscle up even if I had 3 minutes to try… arms were toast. Great WOD. Fun watching the gangs that came after me

    • um, gangs were not chasing me, I meant those that came for the 6PM class 🙂

      • hahaha!

  18. 61 reps. Only got 1 OHS at Rx, but it was a PR! I’ll take it!

    • Couldn’t have done it without my cheering section Bryan & Scott.

  19. I think I ran over several people in order to make it to gym tonight, but thanks to Mike, Scott, Brent, Paul and the lone woman.

    60 18 OHS

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