Friday, April 8, 2011

CrossFit Games Open; Week 3 Workout

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Squat clean (165/110lb)
Jerk (165/110lb)

Video Instructions/Movement Standards
Mobility WOD: Games Workout #3 Upper Body Prep
Mobility WOD: Games Workout #3 Lower Body Prep

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  1. I’ve already seen one small woman get it overhead today– yay, Kristin! Good luck to everyone on Wod 11.3!

    I just submitted my scaled score. The first time I submitted my score there was no box to check for ‘scaled’ but when I went back to submit again, there was a box to check. I did 3-1/2 rounds of 77lbs. It’s about 3 lbs less than my recent 1RM squat and jerk, so I’m trying to feel ok about it.

    • Thanks Joy!! Great job this morning!
      Rx: 1 round + 1 squat clean
      Sounds pretty bad but I think the heaviest clean & jerk I’ve attempted and made in the past is 90lbs so it was a PR which is always good 🙂
      Good luck to everyone!

  2. Rx: 4 rounds + 1 squat clean = 9 total
    PR by 1 for both Power clean and split jerk

    • Congrats, Aaron!!

    • Awesome Aaron!

    • Great job, Aaron! I knew you would get it.

  3. Been feeling really sick the past few days from all the pollen. Good luck to everyone! Hope to be back within the next few days.

    • Feel better, Jessica!

  4. I got one clean but could not jerk it…ugh!

    • I say congrats on having a legit score! 🙂

    • Yes, congrats on staying in the game! Even though I didn’t see it, I’m sure you put up an impressive effort.

      • Very impressive, as per usual!

  5. I’m going to have to do this on Sunday, so hopefully somebody will have 5 minutes to count for me. My back is all messed up and walking upright is the challenge today, so I do not need to add 165lbs to it yet!

    • What happened?

      • I aged

    • 20 pts – 10 Rounds on Sunday. Fun five minutes

  6. 13 reps each = 26
    I tried to reach Erica’s 20 reps but didn’t make it. My Jerk technique needs work. I am muscling the weight up rather than using my leg muscles. It will come…
    Overall, I am happy. I love a sweat-pouring, heavy workout like this.

    • Good job! Did you see that they are allowing people to post times for workout 1 and 2 — if they were completed by the deadline, and you tried to enter previously but could not. Just wanted to make sure you still have a chance to get workout 2 entered.

  7. 16 rounds (32 reps)
    As of this moment, the highest score on the site for my age group is 28 reps. I’ve posted, but I’m not showing up yet. Maybe I’ll actually take the top spot in this workout for a moment or two; wouldn’t that be nice 🙂

    My goal was 15 rounds, and I hoped I could match Erica’s 20 rounds from last night. Very pleased with 16, but wish I could have gotten more. My squat clean fell apart after 10 rounds; I missed a squat clean and had to go to power cleans followed by a front squat. Of course this is slower plus I just felt like I had nothing left. The jerks were not much of a problem; it was the squats for me…standing up with the 110# plus my body weight was exhausting.

    Thanks for being my judge and coach, Laura. You helped me get that 16.

    • Hellz, Pat!! I was waiting for you score! I knew you would rock it!!
      Wish we could have lifted together. You always motivate me.
      I did get to enter my second score, so I am pretty sure all is well with my profile…

    • good work pat!!! This was what you were hoping for… got it!

    • Proud of you! You set a goal and you beat it.

  8. Am traveling today and haven’t had any time to read the blog so I am just catching up!! Great job everyone…I know this was an intimidating wod. I was reminiscing after I was done last night about how I used to be so belligerent about not caring to lift really heavy weight. I would skip all the lifts and opt for metcons. When I came to RX I decided to surrender to the lifting aspect of crossfit since alt wods weren’t offered. Now I love it. And I must say little has been more rewarding than being able to complete 20 rounds of this! (Except the part when I had a false alarm in the middle of the night and thought I was going into labor!)

  9. Well I’m still eligible…..Got 1 power clean to a front squat at 165#….failed on the jerk….WOD 11.3- 1 rep

  10. 13 + 1 squat clean. Not very efficient – and I mostly push pressed which was not smart

    • Great job Bryan!

  11. 10.5 rounds (21 reps) push pressing the entire way!

    • This one was tough – you did great

  12. I did power cleans, front squats, and then jerks – made it slower, I know, but I’m happy with what I did!

    115#, which is a front squat PR and a jerk PR.

    10 Rounds = 20 reps

  13. Made one rep Rx which was a PR for all elements. Really, really wanted to get another one but it did not happen.

    I am looking forward to getting stronger like a lot of the rest of you guys/gals and nailing this during next years games.

    Awesome efforts and strength shown by the CrossfirRx members.

    • Actually, you made 1 whole round, so you got 2 reps for your score! 🙂

      You almost had that second squat – just couldn’t quite get it back up. You did a great job and you worked REALLY hard to do it at the Rx weight. I’m really proud of you!

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