Tuesday, April 5, 2011

12 Minutes to establish a 3RM Overhead Squat.


150 Burpees for time.

Some ‘compare to’ dates:
1RM OHS – Monday, February 21, 2011
1RM OHS (HQ) – December 4, 2010
250 Burpees for Time (Growlery) – December 1, 2010

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  1. Did an alt today
    OHS 55# 12 sets of 2
    Row 5k: 23:08 not a PR but solid (PR 21:50 from a time when I didn’t run so I rowed daily)

  2. OHS 3RM 53#
    150 burpees in 10:18
    Happy about it.

    • Holy Badword, Joy. This is nearly 11 minutes faster than your last time. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    • Yeah, that is amazing. That is around my 20 burpee time.

    • Yes, we were discussing you at the 6:30 am class! WOW!! Fantastic!

    • Thanks, guys! I’m sure it helped chasing the uncatchable Zeke.

    • awesome!

  3. Thanks, but last time was more burpees, T. Still, an improvement in pace, I think.

  4. Joy Killed it!!! But nice job to all of the morning crew!! 🙂 Oh…and I should note, that Eric had never OHS more than 66# prior to about 2 weeks ago. He had flexibility issues with his shoulder that were limiting him. A 40th birthday and some minor adjustments and “Poof”!!! He 3 repped 110# with plenty more gas in the tank! Way to go Eric!!! Huge PR after almost 3 years with none 🙂

    • Thanks, Kelly! I am definitely excited about it – thanks for the coaching and the queues. Very helpful.

  5. well, got an email from CF HQ nixing any chance on getting my video submitted late given the technical challenges. Juan was also denied and it’s worse for him since he had a real shot at an individual slot in the Latin America regionals. This almost makes me consider joining LA Fitness, or at least not taking part in any more CF events. But it’s probably because I haven’t had enough coffee for the day yet and I’ll be as alternately obsessed and inconsistent as usual;)

    Oh well, my video is attached. I have not been able to watch it and won’t until I get back to Atlanta tonight. I’m sure it’s full of swearing on my part!

    • Sorry to hear this, Scott. Seems they might be more forgiving and understanding given their own technical issues that we have all been forced to “forgive”.

    • Drink coffee & reconsider joining globo gym, Scott! Sorry about this. Fun to see your video, though, and hear the birds chirping.

    • Scott, the word is “incontinent”.

    • scott – maybe someone at cfrx can watch the video and “judge” it for you, then submit it through the new website… no one will know the difference right? is that cheating or possible?

  6. OHS @ 107#. 5# PR. Definitely had more in me but ramped up too slowly and ran out of time. Tried 117# in a hurry and failed.

    Did squat thrusts instead of burpees (like a burpee w/o the pushup part – you just stay in a plank). I mistakenly thought this would be easy but it was miserable. It is 100% quads and I haven’t felt a burn like that in a long time! Very humbling. 13:32.

  7. 95# on OHS (previous 1RM was 92) so I am ecstatic!

    150 burpees

    Awesome to burpee with 15 others at noon today!!

    • That is a sick time. Nice work!

  8. Big group today at noon…

    3 RM OHS-120#

    Metcon: 9:42

  9. OHS 3 rep max, 118#; a PR by 18# for 3RM. (My 1 rep max from February is 125#.)

    150 Burpees, 17:12
    Slow as molasses, but NO resting. I paused 3 times to jot down my rep count. I did these in sets of 40/40/40/30. Completed the first 40 in 4min. The second 40 was completed at 8:30.

    • Nice work Pat. Burpees suck and they put the fear in me really bad.

  10. Great work today.
    OHS 105lbs PR
    Very proud fo my improvements here. This has been my worst move…now, not so much. Missed the 1 rep max last month, so the most I’ve ever lifted was 75lbs. Big improvement. Many thanks to Pat.
    Time: 10.40 (is that right?)

    • Congrats on the OHS, Erin! And nice burpee time. All you noon crew did great as usual!

  11. OHS: 85# PR from 75#

    burpees super slow: 17:52

  12. 3RM OHS – 110# (PR)

    150 burpees – 12:07?

  13. Some incredible times up on the board today. Nice work all!

    3RM OHS at 128lb. Pretty sure that’s a PR for me on OHS period.

    150 burpees in 10:05. Next time – sub-10!

  14. 3RM OHS -57lb
    150 Burpees for time, 15:47ish.

    Great work all!

    • Radha, you and I are really on the same pace in almost everything! 150 Burpees for time, 15:34, I am happy with this because Burpees SUCK big time 🙂

  15. Great 4 pm session with just me doing the prescribed WOD! Great to see Terri and Ruth who dropped by and gave me some great encouragement! 🙂

    OHS: 82# 3RM (PR by 38#) Up until today, I could only OHS the men’s bar and the OHS was my least favorite lift. Laura really helped me with form and I really enjoyed that lift today.

    150 Burpees: 19:31 Burpees SUCK.

    • Way To GO!

    • That’s a giant PR, Dustin! And great time on the burpees! I felt for you, doing that one by yourself.

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