Monday, March 28, 2011

12 minutes to establish a 1rm Power Clean.


3 rounds for time of:

8 OHS (115/75lbs)
12 Power Cleans (115/75lbs)
24 Barrier Burpees

Notes: The barbell will be used as the barrier for Burpees.

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  1. Chicks (and Brent) RULE!! haha!

  2. 1RM power clean at 147 lbs.

    Subbed Romanian deadlifts for OHS — 8 right leg, 8 left leg.
    115 lb power cleans and barrier burpees as Rx’d.


    • *Romanian deadlifts at 66 lbs.

  3. 1RM power clean @ 92#.

    WOD: OHS @ 43#, cleans @ 76#. Time: 18:02.

  4. Power clean 111 lbs PR

    15:47-ish rx

    That wod wrecked me!

    • GOOD JOB TODAY!!!! You are so awesome 🙂

      • Thanks! Your cleans are getting really good!!

    • You are getting really strong, Therese!

  5. Sick today. 😦

    • Feel better, Terri!

    • oh no! Rest up and feel better.

  6. Not sure if you all know this and I just missed the post. But Team RX is in 29th place in the Southeast.

    I think the top 30 go to Regionals. Way to go team!

    • YAY!!!

    • I don’t think we’re really 29th place because the leaderboard is a total joke. Look at scores- they’re not in order at all. Some teams with higher scores are lower in rank.

  7. I looked and felt like a drowned rat in that pic. Fun WOD.
    9am class is pickin’ upsteam! Great job everyone.
    Lifted something heavyish for the 1st time in 8 weeks today. 120# PC then metcon using 77# for PC and subbed FS for OHS. Outward rotation still an issue. 13:14

    • oops forgot to subtract the 1 min from starting my own clock, so 12:14. Everything was UB. Lateral hop burpees took the majority of the time.

  8. My Doctor said “Oh yeah…my friends do CrossFit. Some of them do the weightlifting part and some do the crazy circuit training”

    I was speechless and disappointed in myself for having no retort to his comment. I also didn’t want to piss off the guy who was about to cut into my knee.

    • I didn’t know you were having surgery….

      • yeah i did on…Thursday. it went well, they found a floating piece of cartilage, which is why my knee kept locking in the bent position apparently. He said its good to go. The swelling is pretty much gone and i am walking fine. hoping this is the last of the issues. my right leg is getting tired of pulling/pushing/lifting all the weight! =)

  9. It felt so good to be back sweating among friends!

    Did a gentle version of today’s metcon w/ empty men’s bar and one-legged burpees:


    • Glad you are back!!

    • Great to see you and hear your positive perspective on this injury. I have no doubt you’ll come back even stronger.

  10. Power Clean 1RM, 142# (PR by 1#)
    Attempted 150 and failed twice. The bar was plenty high; just not fast enough with the elbows.

    14:56, RX

  11. Power Clean 1 RM 141#. This is a 1# PR. It felt pretty good.

    Metcon: 10:53

    RX weight for OHS and PCs. OHS unbroken except I lost my balance on the last rep of the 3rd round so I dropped the bar and had to pick it up to do the final rep. PCs were light. Did squat thrusts instead of burpees (like a burpee w/o the pushup part) and stepped over the barbell rather than jumping.
    Great, manageable workout.

  12. 1RM power clean 84# (PR by 4#). Failed at 89 but look forward to trying again.

    Metcon: 33# OHS & 65# PC

  13. Radha –

    1RM power clean at 73# PR
    WOD 15:47 used 38# for ohs and 55# for power cleans

    Christian –

    154# 1RM power clean. PR I think.
    WOD used 98#. 14:15 or ther about.

  14. PC 136lb PR
    25lbs improvement on PC. Mainly due to better form, me thinks. Not hating this movement quite as much.
    Time: 13.09
    I call this a “worker mule” workout.

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