NEWS: Spring CrossFit Kids Series

Spring has Sprung, our little gym is growing, and an important part of that growth has to do with kids! Yes, CrossfitRx is going to explore the wild world of Crossfit Kids!! We will be holding 2 FREE classes this Sunday, March 13th 20th to guage interest and see what age-groups might work best for our gym-family. We think it’s gonna be a lot of fun and a great addition to not only RX, but also for the community.

CF Kids Sessions for Sunday March 13th 20th

  • 11:00 am — ages 6-10
  • High Noon – ages 11-16

The classes will be approx. 1 hour…oh, and did we mention that they’re FREE!! We will have a sign up for both classes on the whiteboard at RX. Hurry though, as we are going to cut it off at 15 kiddos per group. Oh, and tell a friend; we’d love to open it up to all the kids in the area!!


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  1. Great idea! We are going to try to make it!

  2. Ah rats, my kids have piano on Sundays 11:30-12:30 but in the future, I think my 15 year old son would really be interested! Great to see you guys kicking this off!

    • Wait what! You have a 15 yo?

      • Just saw this comment! Ha! 13 yo girl and 15 yo boy.
        Wish they could make it tomorrow. Sundays are crazy for us. Church + piano lessons until 1:00pm. Yep, my kids loooove Sundays. 🙂

  3. Great idea! My chickadee and I will be returning from a girl scout camping trip that morning so we won’t make it, but keep us posted.

  4. My kids are too young stll, but I love the idea!!

  5. Mine too – maybe we can do a toddler crossfit

    • yes…toddler crossfit would be AWESOME!! But I think they already have that…its called daycare 🙂

  6. I don’t have mine this weekend but I’m gonna see if I can get them from my ex to bring them 🙂

  7. This weekend Tucker and I will be out of town visiting the grandparents…but he will definitely be into the program!

  8. hmmm…given this Was short notice, we might need to have an Encore the following weekend…stay tuned 😉

  9. In regards to the Encore….it seems as the people have spoken. If it works out better for the crew to do it on the 20th than we are all about it!! We want the RX family to be there…its no fun if everyone has to miss 😦 Let me know for sure though before we rechedule and we’ll make it happen!! 🙂

  10. ok…in regards to the CFKids that was previously scheduled for tomorrow…does anyone know who the parents of Alyssa age 10 are? I want to make sure that they know of the rescheduling….thx all!

  11. Promised to let everyone know what I was up to in California: found CF 714 and joined (sorta). I can’t officially work out there until they receive a note from my Dr. saying that it’s okay. I’m coming to the realization that you can’t fart in CA without a permit. 714 is the biggest, best equipped gym I’ve seen so far and the coaches seem terrific. Worked out Saturday and over did it. I’m looking for someone to help me get my shoes on but that probably requires some kind of license out here. Miss all of you!

    • great to hear from you Buddy! 🙂

    • Hey Buddy!

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