Monday, March 21, 2011

5×3 Back Squat @ 75% – rest 90 sec.


3 rounds for time of:

12 Front Squats 155/105lbs
24 Pullups
36 Pushups

Notes: Rack are not allowed for the Front Squats. Pushups are full chest and thighs to deck and NOT games standard.

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  1. Great picture!

    • Yeah, he is like a whole foot above the ground!

    • Thanks, but I don’t think you are suppose to be jumping that high – too much energy expended. Always something to work on.

      Head cold is back from last week so might not make it into day. Barely made it to work.

      • I think you are correct, but it is still a great picture.

  2. 82# back squat

    3 rounds with 55# and red band, mod push ups: 28:48

    Bad head this morning. Didn’t feel like suffering.

  3. 109# back squat

    23:23 with lots of mods: 77# front squat, tattered beige band with red mark for pullups (I don’t know the official name of that one!), and dropped to knee pushups after doing first half (54) regularly.

  4. 98# backsquat

    3 rounds
    12 frontsquat 88#
    24 pullups
    36 pushups


    Thanks CStreet for working with me!

    • That seems very fast to me!

      • Thanks, it didn’t feel fast – lol!

  5. 186# Back Squat, 5×3

    2 rounds + 12 FS + 16 PU in 20 minutes.
    105# Front Squat (RX). R1 unbroken. R2 3/3/6. R3-3/3/3/3.
    Blue Band for Pullups. Got 8 ub on round 1. Then sets of 4 mostly until R3 when it was sets of 2 for a few, then 1 at a time.
    Pushups, RX. ONE. AT. A. TIME.

    • RX pushups – YAY!!

      • I’ve been doing RX pushups for a long time…this is nothing new.

      • I just don’t seem to get any better at them.

    • is there a 20 minute time limit??

      • yep

        • We didn’t get a 20-minute time limit!

          • Laura imposed the 20 min time limit so that we would SPRINT!! Not a slogfest, she said. It’s suppose to be a SPRINT! I still slogged thru the pushups though.

  6. Joined the noon crowd today, which is always fun.

    5×3 Back Squats @ 154# (79% of 1RM of 194#)

    Brutal Metcon: 14:19 RX

    FS were unbroken on rd 1, then split 11/4 on rds2&3
    Pullups started out in sets of 6-8, but then Laura said my chin wasn’t clearing so I changed to sets of 3-4. I can still clear but I need to give each pull-up the effort of a pre-prego CTB pull-up.

    Put hands on 20K plates for pushups.

    • A brutal metcon in 14 minutes at a million months pregnant. Amazing.

  7. First workout since my nasty sinus infection hit…it felt great to be active again. I did look like a tool in my surgical mask (to keep pollen out of my lungs) but I didn’t have an allergy attack after the workout and my throat didn’t hurt!!!).
    154lbs back squat
    Time: 15.?? Rx
    Was a little weak and the mask did get in the way but it was all good πŸ™‚

  8. Got my first rope climb all the way to touch the beam.

    82# back squats

    Metcon: 65# front squats, pull ups w/red band & plank push ups which got slower once LD critiqued my form (they had gotten a little snake-y). Wish I had just gone over the 20 min to finish since I was close.
    2 rounds + 12 + 24 + 27

    • Yay, rope climb!!! πŸ˜€

    • great job – congrats on the rope climb joy!

    • Good job Joy! And thanks for your sweet message on the games blog!

    • Thanks, guys! Now let’s see if I can do rope climbs in tomorrow’s workout! πŸ™‚

      • Sorry, no rope climbs tomorrow. We don’t have a high enough rope, nor do we have enough to accommodate large groups. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be able to work on them in your warm up! :mrgreen:

        • No problem! Wall walking will be enough fun!

  9. back squat- 167# (75%)


    front squats- 98#
    pull-ups- red

    2 rds+3 front squats…

  10. Front Squats @ 53#
    Green Band Pull ups
    Modified Push ups

    Finished all 3 rounds, 18:39ish

    • Nice, Jessie!

    • Fast fast fast!!!

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