Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 minutes Clean practice.

Notes: Do not attempt anything heavy until technique is flawless. This is practice – coaches will decide if you may add load.


12 minute AMRAP of:

10 Power Cleans @ 135/95lbs
15 Burpees
20 Box Jumps 20″

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  1. I just signed up for the CrossFit Games! Because Rudy said ALL of us should do it. And I do just about everything Rudy says because he’s the boss of me (apparently). And Joy says she did it to be part of the community. And this is my community, too. And I didn’t want Bryan to be in last place. And it only cost $10.

    CrossFit Games, here I come! (hahahahahahahaha) I do feel a tiny bit silly.


  2. I must have Crossfit on the brain. Had two separate dreams about it last night. First, the Crossfit Games were being covered by the Today Show. Second, the first event (which will be announced today), was a 400 meter swim. Random?

    FYI – Rudy’s gym is beating us in team members signed up.

    • I think we can be pretty certain that the wod will not involve swimming – lol!!
      I dreampt about the games too…but somehow the gym was in a house and ppl were trying to clear space in different rooms to do the wods…

  3. Nice big group full of energy this morning. I apologize for all the screaming.

    2 rounds + 5 power cleans @ 65#. Burpees were REALLY slow, as were power cleans, and, um, jumps. In better news, I added a 10k plate to the 15″ box for the first time in a workout for a whopping almost-17 inches! Progress!

    Some day I hope to jump like Christian, who is extremely springy and fast.

    • Congrats on the 17″ box! That’s a big deal.

      • Nice work Terri!

    • Proud of you!!

    • Taller box! I dig it, Terri!

      • 😀

    • awesome!

  4. 2 rounds + 10 power cleans (71#) + 15 burpees + 5 box jumps (20″)

    • Jen, we were both just a few hops short of 3 rounds!

  5. 2rds + 10 77# PC + 15 burpees + 12 or 15 (can’t remember) 20″box jumps

    My knee is giving me trouble again so went lighter on the PC as not to have to catch in a squat and stepped down after jumping up on box. The burpees and box jumps were slow and steady today which is a big improvement from slow and a couple at a time.

    Thanks to team 5:30 for starting a little early so that I could make it to work on time!!

  6. Great squat clean practice at 103#. Felt good about form.

    Amrap @ RX weight w/ step-ups instead of hops

    4 rounds + 5 power cleans

    Burpees were hands on 25K plates

    • Such speed!

  7. Great picture. I love that you capture the yellow jacket cruising in to the flowers.

  8. Squat clean practice @ 74#.

    AMRAP: 2 rounds + 10 cleans + 15 burpees + 10 jumps. Cleans @79#.

  9. Squat Clean Practice at 88 and 110. The main thing I need to work on is the quick drop and quick elbows, ensuring this is AFTER full extension.

    AMRAP: RX, 3 rounds + 1 clean
    Cleans were the easiest part for me. R1 unbroken. Sets of 3 or so after that. Burpees seemed expecially bad today. Box jumps are improving; it helped when Corey and I shared a box – it kept the pressure on me to move faster.

  10. Missed today’s workout this morning but did sign up for the games!
    Although I don’t have a nice dramatic picture like everyone else.

  11. Today was a fun workout. So enjoyed lifting w/ Trish & Pat.
    Hopefully, my squat clean improved. Stuck w/ 88lbs and just focused on form. Really enjoyed this and could have kept going…
    AMRAP: 4 + 9 cleans Rx

    • Wait a minute…I think this was 3 rounds + 9 cleans, right Trish?

      • Yes!

  12. Ok, I signed up for the Open. I finally succumbed to the peer pressure. I joined the CFRX team, but I’m not showing up there yet.

    • Yay!!! You need to get a badass pic though!!!

      • Ooops that was meant for Kristin…
        But glad you are in board Pat!!

  13. I did 55 pounds, sorry Laura I am too big of a weenie to do 65 right now, HOWEVER…i did 20″ box hops.

    AMRAP 2 rounds + 10 hops


  14. squat clean practice: 65# and 88#

    2rds + 10 cleans @77# + 15 burpees + 12 20″ hops

  15. 132# squat cleans

    Rx with 3 rounds and 5 power cleans. Was yawning at the begining, but wide awake by the end. Love the early AM session, does something awesome to the rest of my day!

    Zeke and Erik were just picking that sh*! up and down man, and I was just JUMPING and HUFFING.

  16. I started with 94 lbs and dropped the 8th one so I went down to 82 lbs.
    3 rounds + 9 cleans

    Nice big, fun group!

  17. Mornings are great for my mood, but my mobility seems better in the afternoon. Squat clean practice went well and Laura let me go up to 80# which is a big PR for my squat cleans.

    AMRAP w/65# and 20″ box hops: 3 rounds + 10/ 15 /3

  18. 3 rounds 10 15 19

  19. 3 rounds + 8 w/98# PCs

    I need to work on stringing together cleans.

  20. Squat clean practice. Mainly practiced jumping to help get to full extension.

    Amrap: 4 rounds + 8 power cleans (used 120# for power cleans)

  21. Squat Clean Practice-gotta work on opening up my hips.

    12 min AMRAP

    10-Power Cleans (135#)
    20-Box Jumps (20″)

    3 rds + 2 cleans (Rx)

  22. Squat clean practice was light.

    AMRAP – 5 rds + 10 power cleans at 108#.

    Great 6:30 AM crowd Terri’s an animal! 😉

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