Friday, March 4, 2011

15 minutes to establish a 1rm Back Squat



20 min. AMRAP of:

2 Muscle-Ups
8 KBS (70/55)

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  1. For people who were doing HQ last August, here’s a ‘compare to’ link for NATE:

    Back Squat: 119# (9lb PR from Oct)

    Nate: HSPUs w/ red+ red, 44# KB (all unbroken)
    12 rounds + 4 rowing MUs
    The subs were so different that I really can’t compare from August except to see that I’ve gotten stronger. 🙂

    Thanks for coming in at the ungodly hour, LD. I appreciate you.

    • Correction- my MU sub was kneeling not rowing. And they are kinda delightful.

  2. Back squat = 108#, a 7# PR. Next time … more! 🙂

    Nate = 10 rounds +1

    I know Nate sucks for the Rx people, but for me, doing pike push ups and kneeling MUs, it was delightful.

    • Great work, Terri!

    • p.s. Forgot to say for future reference, used the 44# KB, which at 8 reps is quite manageable.

      p.p.s. Thanks Joy!! You too!

      • You know this means you are ready to try the 55#, right? And nothing good can come of using words like “delightful” to describe a workout. Look out.

  3. Back squat: 136# PR

    Nate: 9 rds + 4 kneeling MUs

    Great morning crew!

  4. BS 164# PR by 10 and I know I had more in me.I’m definitely getting stronger!!
    Nate 8rds + 2
    Kneeling mu, green/blue hspu, unbroken 55 kbs

    • Yay for getting stronger!

  5. Back squat: 194 18# PR. Can definitely break 200 next time (though probably after baby)

    Nate: Mods made this very manageable for me. Kept a steady pace but did not sprint. Good workout.

    4 rowing MUs
    4 Paralette pushups, all unbroken
    8 KBS @ 55#, all unbroken

    13 rounds + 4 rowing MUs

  6. A good day:

    BS: 208 (PR by 12 lbs over January)

    Alt AMRAP:
    2 rope climbs
    8 feet-on-box plank shoulder touches
    8 hyper @ 32 lbs.

    11 rounds + 1 rope climb

    • lol – I thought you were on a 8 ft box when I first read this

  7. Low motivation today.
    BS: 230# (matched PR from Oct 2010)

    Nate (4 Rowing MUs, 4 HSPUs, 8 KB @ 70#)
    5 + 2 rowing MUs

  8. Ok, stupid question but how do you do a rowing or kneeling MU?

    • I couldn’t find an example online…I was trying to figure out what my sub for this exercise will be…I guess I’ll have to wait and see…

    • You’ll get an explanation and practice before the workout starts. No worries.

  9. My WOD today was mission related:

    50m sprint down the highway towards car accident
    50m sprint back to my car for fire extinguisher
    100m sprint back to car accident
    Pushpress (all by myself) large tree branch from being stuck in the wheel well
    Front squat (with other random kuwaitis) wrecked car to flip right side up

    the ending was not good for those involved..however it is amazing how the moves come right to you in times like these.

    • wow

      • yeah. wow.

        • And. Thank you. For being where you are. Doing what you do.

    • crossfit in action
      Great job Cait!

  10. Backsquat 130 PR

    NATE – 4 KMU
    4 HSPU red + tiny
    8 KBS 55 lb

    7 rounds plus 4 KMU

    That big KB is still really hard for me to control but I’m doing it. My body feels really tired…

  11. Back Squat
    New PR = 308 (Tried to get 320 twice, but unable too. I know I can with better form though)

    Nate (I don’t like you)

    4 Rowing MU
    4 HSPU (Red/red) (my lowest ever in a wod)
    8 KB – 55lbs (these hurt my back for some reason, so went low)

    8 rounds + 4 rowing MU. Rowing MU finally started feeling good and wrists are rubbed raw in the right place. I agree with Therese, my body feels tired too.

  12. Back Squat, 240 (PR by 15)
    My lifts were 176, 198, 220, 230, then 240. Never failed but stopped at 240.

    4 Rowing MU
    4 Pike Pushups, 28″box with hands on 4″ plates
    8 KBS

    9 rounds + 4 RMU + 4 Pike Pushups
    All KBS unbroken.

    • I am always impressed by your back squats.

    • wowwowwowwowwowwow.

      you are my idol.

    • You are amazing! Thanks for working with me today, I enjoyed it 🙂

    • Another Pat PR! Congrats!
      Are you are doing Pike Pushups from the toes instead of the knees? That goes for everyone…if you can do pushups from the toes (ie RX pushups) then you should be doing pike pushups from the toes as well.

      • I did ’em from my knees. I’ll try them from my toes, but what I really need to do is get a handstand! Meanwhile, I’ll try these from my toes. The adjustments I made today made the pushups challenging so I don’t feel like I wasted my time.

  13. BS 132# PR (failed at 137)
    4 rowing MU’s
    4 HSPU on 26″ box
    8 KBS w/55# kb (a few sets unbroken)
    10 rds 4 4

  14. On my way for 5!

  15. back squat: 152#s PR from 136 back in october

    10 rounds + 2 + 3 HSPU

    rowing mus
    HSPU- blue + tiny tan
    44# kb all unbroken

  16. Liked this WOD!


    11 rds-Rx

  17. WOW!!!! this was the best day ever. i started crossfit 3 months ago and could barley do 5 pull-ups in a row with the green band. today i did 5 unassisted pull-ups.. 3 of them were unbroken.. i was so stinken excited….:)

    DL: 223# (13# PR from January 18.)

    Nate: 9 rds + 4 rowing MU

    i also graduated from kneeling to rowing MU today
    HSPU were done on a 20in box with a 10k plate on top
    KBS 55#

    • Wow Amber! Those are huge gains! I am proud of you!!

    • Awesome progress, Amber! Congrats!

  18. Back squat 154. 23 lb pr.
    Nate: 8+4 row to trnsition plus dips w black band (a little too easy) 4 of each, hspu on short red box, 55lb kb.

    • Note: i stopped on the back squats because of the pull in my right quad that crept up last week on the 12×2 backsquats. Not sure what that is about, but I chose to take the PR and not aggravate it. Only time I ever feel it is on the heavy squats.

  19. 284# back squat (10# PR)

    Nate: 9 rounds 4 rowing muscle ups.

  20. gonna be joining yall all the way from FL. im going to try your programming for a month just to switch things up.

    got 285 back squat and 8 rds nate as Rx.

    • dude! welcome back (sorta kinda) 🙂

  21. gravatar check

  22. NICE!!! I’m in!!!

  23. Again

  24. and again

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