Wednesday, March 2, 2011


3 rounds for time of:

Row 500m
12 Deadlifts @ BW
21 Box Jumps 20″

Photo Credit: Rudy Nielsen

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  1. Christine: 17:33 RxRxRxRx

    That’s 132 for body weight DLs.

    • Yay!

    • 😀 😀 😀

    • Congrats!

    • WOW Paige!!! Good for you!

    • Paige=Crossfit Badass.

  2. Even though I’m slow at the 20″ box hops: RX! DL at 125lb which I think/hope is a couple lbs more than I really weigh.

    • And nice picture, Rudy!

    • RX! You and Paige are the Rx sisters!

      • Thanks! And yay Joy! We have to celebrate Rx when we can. 🙂

        • PS. Joy, that time doesn’t seem so slow to me!

    • Way to work Joy… awesome job!

    • Great job Joy! I think I’ll skip lunch today in preparation of bw deadlifts. 😉

    • Wow to you too, Joy! I hate to be missing all this excitement!

    • Joy=Crossfit Badass.

  3. I take back two things I said before doing this workout today. Turns out that I do not prefer rowing to running, and deadlifts are not, in fact, easy.

    Warmed up my DLs this morning but spaced out and forgot to warm up my body weight DL of 145. Then couldn’t lift it more than twice during the workout. Dropped to 121#. Used the 15″ box. Lost about a minute during the weight switch. Lost another couple of minutes to the oasis of rest.


    • Way to stick with it, Terri. I observed very little resting and much dedicated working.

    • Nice to FINALLY meet you this morning!

      • You too, Jen!!

        Thanks, Paige. As usual, I had some trouble with transitions …

    • Terri=my favorite badass.

  4. 17:19

    Did DLs at 93% of bodyweight (138)

    • Sweet!

  5. 10:19 (Rx)
    1:16 improvement from August 2010

    • Outstanding job today Aaron. I knew you’d do well on this. You never looked completely gassed either! Top Christine time on the benchmark board.

    • yep. Crossfit Badass.

  6. sub for 500m row please?

    • 50 sumo deadlift high pulls with an empty bar…sorry; that’s the official sub 😦

      • i was afraid you’d say that….

        • good day! 10:28 at 135lb DL

          subbed 50 SDHP for 500m row

          loved this one.

          • forgot to say that DL were unbroken, SDHP were mainly in groups of 10 and box jumps unbroken, single jump. =)

          • Great time, Caitlin!

  7. This is discrimination against over-weight people! 😉

    Christine, RX, 18:57
    198# DL

    DL’s by round:

    • or else it shows how damn strong you are!

    • I AGREE… LOL…:)

      • Damn strong! I am woman, hear me roar!

    • Pat=Crossfit Badass.

  8. I can now totally to people who find running very hard and therefore hate it. I officially hate running right now. I am in the beautiful town of Pacific Grove, CA which is right on the ocean, staying in a retreat center which is an historic landmark. So I thought what better way to take in the scenery than a run? I ran for only 25 minutes, and not even 25 consecutive minutes. And forget hills! My feet, my bladder (which I could have sworn was empty), and my back were begging me to stop. So I listened and walked the rest of they way. I got in a total of 90 minutes of movement, but most was walking. I think I am done fighting my temporary disdain for running. I am now officially one of those dorky speed-walkers.

    Heading back home today!!!!! Can’t wait!! I am looking forward to making up Christine tomorrow.

    • oops, I meant “I can now totally RELATE to people…”

    • The important thing is that you are doing something. You rock! Can’t wait to have you back in town.

    • Erica=very pregnant badass.

      • Rooth your hilarious!!

        • And I’m a day late on the blog so you probably wont even read this 😉

  9. I am still riding the after-workout high from Christine. The during part felt miserable (whimpering through the entire workout) but the after feels amazing!

    132lb DL
    Time: 11.59 whoo hoo!!

    Great group today!

    • Excellent work! And you forgot your “RX”!

    • Erin=RX crossfit badass.

  10. 19:04 RX at 120#s–my DLs still look and feel awful

    so before the workout I did some DUs and got 25 in a row which is a pretty big PR for me. love the new rope! now…if only I can do this in the metcons. I’ve been practicing at home so I think thats been helping.

    • Badass. It is that kind of day.

  11. 9:53 rx! First time on this and I had to come this afternoon instead of AM because I couldn’t bend my arm after yesterday’s workout! Thank god for rest days.

    • nice dude!!

    • Oh no, I missed one! Christian is a badass too!

      • Thanks rooth. So are you.

  12. 10:33 Rx (215#)

    Doing this one with Rudy and Christian was motivating.

    • Nice work man.

  13. 18:20 RX 176
    I’d love to say it was the DL that slowed me down but alas it was the box!

  14. WOW, great work today everyone!

    I went up to Crossfit O-zone to wod with some friends.
    3 rounds 50 abmat situps, 9 pullups, 9 dips (it was supposed to be 3 MU but I have never done that many in a wod so I subbed), 50 m overhead carry (75 lb barbell)

    I’ll be in tomorrow and Sunday to make up Tues and Wed (I am enjoying my spring break – lol!

    • P.S. Rooth is funny!!
      and a badass too 😉

  15. 1st time doing Christine & I suck at DL’s. The weight felt heavy even though I couldn’t pul my own BW, just can’t seem to get strong with these. My legs felt fatigued & I was just slow. Oh well it still felt good to get through it.
    132# DL’s. Total time 18:56

    • Congrats on your first Christine! Don’t beat yourself up over the time. You’ll only see improvements from here. 🙂

  16. At this point I’m just posting for record since I’m sooo late…
    1st Christine-
    20:15 scaled DL@ 115# (much less than I weigh :-/ ) and I used the 15″ box…

  17. Made up Christine by myself today (Thursday). Lost my little paper with my time, but I believe it was 11:0-something, Rx (deadlifts @ 154 lbs). Worked as hard and as fast as I could. Grateful to be able to do a WOD Rx for a change.

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