Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Testing week – Phase 2

Run 1 mile

-rest 10 minutes-


30 Clean and Jerks (135/95lbs)
For time.

The CFRX Mile

The CFRX Mile:

  • Start and end at the red line just past the speed bump in the alley.
  • Make a right on Mell, towards Dekalb Avenue.
  • Take Dekalb Avenue PAST GLENDALE to Brooks Avenue. It will be the second street on the left.
  • Brooks ends at McLendon Avenue; you will be facing Fellini’s.
  • Make a left on McLendon, going all the way down until you reach the stoplight.
  • Make a left at the stoplight, onto Candler Park Drive (the sign is small).
  • Make your first left onto Iverson Street.
  • Iverson ends at Mell; make a right, then turn into the alley to stop at the red line.
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  1. See you at noon today!

    • Boss just told me I have an 11 a.m. meeting, which he’s known about since Friday but didn’t bother to mention before now. Grrrr. 😦

      See you after work.

  2. 1 mile in 8:40 (3 sec pr?)
    Grace w/ 66# in 5:34
    I can’t find a “Grace” compare time.

    • Nice work today Joy! Check your locker tomorrow. 🙂

  3. 1 mile in 7:25

    Skipped the C&Js because of shoulders.
    Instead, did Annie in 7:07 (PR by 48 seconds)

  4. I haven’t done Grace in FOREVER, and I have NEVER done Grace RX. Feeling a little nervous about this and a lot nervous about the 1-mile run.

    For those who have been following Rudy’s programming since last August, the compare to date for the 1-mile run is 10/6/10. http://demarcosgrowlery.wordpress.com/2010/10/06/wednesday-october-6-2010/

  5. Good AM crew!!! nice work everyone!

  6. Mile in 9:16. I am NOT fast (unlike many of our awesomely speedy CFRX runners), and I am pleased with this.

    Grace @ 65#, 4:46. Maybe should have gone for 70#.

  7. What is “testing week – phase 2?”

    • i want to know too!!

      • me too..

  8. Mile in 8:33

    Grace in 6:20 at 76#… should have gone heavier.

  9. “should have gone heavier” is not necessarily what we should be saying…perhaps we should ask, “could we have gone faster?” This workout is not about the weight; yes, it should be heavy, but it’s mostly about GOING AS FAST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN with a challenging weight. If you took longer than 3 or 4 minutes, you don’t need to be worrying about the weight, you need to be GOING FASTER.

    • Thanks for confirming my thought “I should have gone faster!” on both parts this morning, but especially on Grace.

    • i run into this a lot. I have to make the decision on if the WOD is about doing RX..but having a lengthy time or if it is about lightening the load and going as fast as I can…

      how can i tell what the goal is?

  10. Hey Laura…

    since nearly everything is a 2-part workout…does it serve the same purpose to do them at separate parts of the day? i have found that i lack the motivation to do both at once…but if i can do one part during morning PT, then the other part when i go to the gym at night…

    does that count?

  11. K, kids – here’s a little explanation…

    The “testing week” is simple a series of benchmarks meant to be a yardstick for how everyone is doing. I have a few that I love because they are either great tests of work capacity (Cindy), are great tests of athleticism (Snatch), or are have a tendency to produce amazing PRs even when you may not have trained for them (mile run). The goal is also to have a baseline to test again in the future. “Cindy”, “Grace”, the Snatch, and a mile run cannot be gamed (like FGB) and are very difficult to PR on. You simply have gotten fitter if you get better at them. No questions. My programming has gotten a reputation of somehow being biased towards getting stronger – these tests show that the fact is it’s biased towards getting incredibly fit. Numbers do not lie.

    And Cait – always rx’d.

    • noted.

  12. 1-mile run in 9:01. (PR).
    That’s 1:02 better than my last 1-mile run on 10/6/10. I have never in my life run a mile under 10 minutes. Until today that is.

    Grace, RX. 3:46 (PR)
    Last time I did Grace was a back in 2009 with 65#, and it took me over 7 minutes.

    • YAY PAT!!!! Fast and Awesome!

      p.s. I was hoping to run with you today because the last time we did the mile, I PRed with 10:14 because I was trying to keep up with you.

    • that is amazing!!! YOU ROCK!!

    • That’s awesome! I’m inspired, since I haven’t run a mile in a long time it’ll be interesting to see what happens!

    • Congrats!

    • Whoo hoo, Pat! That’s awesome!

    • Nice job Pat!! You’ve gotten so strong/fast!

    • Good job!

    • Awesome time Pat! Thanks for cheering us on tonight.

    • Awesome!!

  13. 6:41 RX…no comment.

  14. 9:08 mile
    5:33 at 85#

  15. 5:54 mile (CFRx PR).
    Grace (Rx): 7:35

    Only the second time I’ve done Grace. Last time I used 88# and took 6:00. Of course that was almost two years ago.

    • Great job Aaron.

    • Speedy, Aaron! Nice work!

  16. 1 mile…. i truly dont even want to talk about it… haha… ok… 9:41…

    WOD: this i do want to talk about… i am very proud of myself..

    5:50 RX… yeah thats right.. i said RX.. heehee.. lol… 🙂

    • RX RX RX RX RX YEAH!!!!!!!

    • Yay, Amber.

    • Way to go!

  17. 1 mile run: 12:13
    Grace: 80#, 6:19 Thanks to Rudy for making me go heavier.

    • Nice job, Ruthie! 80# is heavy! Maybe you’ll go Rx next time! 😀

  18. Had a GREAT time at the gym tonight with all my gym boyfriends.

    1 mile run = 9:30! This is a PR of 44 seconds. Ha!! I really can’t even believe it. I ran faster! And I didn’t die!!! Wow.

    Grace @ 65# = 6:48 🙂

    I’ve been coming to CFRX for nearly 2 1/2 years now but can’t find evidence that I’ve ever done Grace. Considering I was hoping to finish it in under 10 minutes, I’d say this was a good start!

    Thanks to Pat who came to the gym this evening and cheered for us!!

    • Way to go, Terri, that’s a BIG running pr!!

      • Nice, Terri!

  19. 1 mile run: 6:26 (PR)

    Grace: 4:29 (Rx)

    • Super nice, Brent!

    • That was a great run. Next time u need to be near me and Reggie

  20. Really fun group tonight. Thanks to Terri for all the testosterone.

    1 mile – 7:35 (PR of 20 seconds)
    Grace – 4:20 (PR of 1:40 from 2 years ago)

    Grace felt slow – I know I can go faster

  21. Mile in 9:19 (my goal was under 10)
    77# Grace in 4:57 (1st time for this one)
    It all felt great! Starting to feel better after my first month & a half of CFRX & I thank LD, Rudy & all my workout buds who inspire everyday I’m at the gym! 🙂

  22. My times:
    Run 6:48.
    Grace at 108lb in 7 and change. Liked the form for the clean and jerk but was a wobbly mess by the end. Thanks Kelly for helping me hit the right weight.

    Radhas times
    Run 7:45
    Grace at 42lb in 5:45 ish?

    All in all a great AM just 11hrs after we did Cindy.

  23. 1 mile run @12:00…not my best, not my worst…

    Grace @37lbs in 5:58…I’m new so I don’t have anything to compare this to…a great workout today!!! Thanks Pat for the encouraging words today!

  24. Made this up on Thurs 3/3/11. Here is my post from that day.

    On Tuesday, my dear friend Pat knocked me off the leader board for Grace by posting a very impressive 3:45. While I knew I couldn’t reach that time, my goal today was to reclaim my 3rd place spot, which I did with a 4:07! That is a 34 second PR! It felt good. Laura coached me through it. I did 10 unbroken with a steady rhythm, rested 10 seconds, and then did sets of 5 from there on out. It was hard to keep up the 5 at a time. Next time I think I could rest a little less between sets of 5 and make it under 4.

    Then I ran the a mile run in 8:39. By no means a PR and it was hard, but I was putting in a lot of effort and I am happy with it.

  25. You *should* be very happy with that!

    • That’s to Erica. Continues to blow my mind!

  26. […] Compare to 110301. […]

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