Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rest Day

Make up Monday-Wednesday

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  1. Here’s an amazing, delightful story about the medicine ball that Ruthie found on the ESPN web site. It’s a perfect rest-day read.

    • I didn’t find it. i stole it from someone who posted it on Rudy’s blog.

      • Someone posted on Rudy’s blog?! 😉

  2. Thanks for the encouragement this AM Pat.

    Total: 382 (these are approx)
    KB rx 51 45 46
    DU 75 77 67
    WW 1 legit rep each round
    DL (176) 8 9 8

    • nice work meeks!

  3. Thanks for today Pat!

  4. Can barely walk.

  5. Couldn’t bring myself to make up yesterday’s wod by myself in the globo gym today, so I tried out the WOD shop website Laura posted last week. It is very cool and perfect for me while traveling. I hit “Random” and it generated this workout:

    Bobby’s lil Bastard
    4 rds
    400m run
    30 walking lunge steps
    20 KB swings @ 35#
    10 DB thrusters @ 30# (but did 60# barbell)
    5 burpees (chest to a rolled up mat)

    It was hard. I think 3rd trimester is finally taking its toll on me.

    I assumed the DB thrusters meant 2 30# DBs, but my left chronically hurt shoulder would not allow me to even hold a 30# DB in the position required to thrust it. So I used a 60# barbell instead.

    Weird working out in a globo gym again because of all the mirrors! I am glad we don’t have mirrors. Who knew I looked SO pregnant! I got lots of weird looks. Especially when I carried 2 30# DBs (to try), a 35# KB, and a 60# barbell up the stairs to set up my “station” because the running track was upstairs and the weights were downstairs.

    And for old time’s sake, I finished up with 20 minutes on the stationary bike.

    • Okay, this workout looks awesome, but I kind of find its name disturbing in light of your condition.

      • Ha!!!!

  6. Made up Mondays WOD with Erin

    14:34 @ 87#s

  7. made up wednesdays WOD…UGGGHHHH…

    KBS (RX) 30, 22, 15… (that dang 55# KB is heavy…)

    DU 15, 12, 16

    WW 5, 5, 5

    DL (RX) 5, 4, 4

    TOTAL- 138 😦

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