Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 rounds of:

3 minutes Max Rep KBS (70/55)
-rest 1 minute-
2 minutes Max Rep Double-Unders
-rest  1 minute-
90 seconds Max Rep Wall Walks
-rest 1 minute-
45 seconds Max Rep Deadlifts (315/225)
-rest 1 minute-

For max reps of each station.

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  1. GO FIONA!!!!

    • Cute cute cutie!!!

  2. So cute!!

    This looks brutal. Wish I wasn’t going to miss it. 😦

    • Me, too!

    • Awesome idea!! I can’t believe that hasn’t come up sooner 😉

    • Not to put a damper on your excitement, but I tried the new assisted pull up today and it’s not all that. The video might be a little misleading showing someone who has (I’m sure) beautiful unassisted pull ups doing it. But try it and see what you think. It didn’t seem like all that much assistance and is a little trickier getting into so maybe it would encourage getting out of bands sooner!

  3. This was a good one. I could have pushed more on the kb swings. The more you put it down the harder it is to get your rhythm back. Double unders just need more practice. My wall walks felt improved. 44# KB & 143 deadlift. Total reps 238
    Kbs 50/45/40
    DU 20/25/24
    Wall walks 5/5/5
    DL 6/7/6

  4. Yes – this was a hard one to do so early in the morning. Really hard to get motivated.

    This is from memory so I may br a few off

    KB(70) – 42/31/33
    DU – 53/47/51
    WW- 4/5/5
    DL (280) – 3/3/4

    I know total was 281. KBs sucked. But this was most I have DL since injury. DUs could not string together except last round. Was able to do warm up DUs unbroken (30). We are off to beach – see you all Monday

  5. I liked this one. Total reps: 278

    KBS (44#): 55/40/40 (should have pushed harder and like Joy said, just don’t put it down!)
    DUs: 38/45/40 (borrowed Kelly’s new rope, thank you! Going to put in an order for one today)
    WW: 0/0/0 (I don’t think any of my “attempts” should be counted; first time doing these, and it was pitiful)
    DLs (154#): 6/7/7

    • Jen….Youre more than welcome to the rope. As a matter of fact, I just bought a new Buddy Lee and I’m still partial to it. If you’d like to buy mine than its all you!

      • I think I’ll take you up on that offer…thanks! Will bring cash to gym on Mon or Tues, just let me know how much.

  6. KB (70#): 47/37/30
    DU: 107/101/100
    WW: 7/6/6
    DL (242#): 8/7/6

    Total: 462
    This was pretty fun except for KB swings, wall walks and dead-lifts

    • ok – you could have just done the DUs and beat me. This could have been a much easier work out for you. ha ha.

      • I tried to tell CStreet that my best score would come from just doing 4 sets of double-unders and resting the remainder of the time, but she wouldn’t let me try it.

        • I hear ya!

    • holy smokes on the DUs… nice job overall too

  7. First time using the 55 KB and it was ugly!

    KBS 23/21/17
    DU 105/100/95
    Wall walks 8/7/7
    Deadlifts at 143 10/9/8

    Total 412

    Glad for rest day tomorrow, my shoulders are in pain!!

    • You are a double under GENIUS.

    • But you did it. It can only get easier. Oh what am I saying this is Crossfit.

    • ditto my comments for aaron… holy smokes on the DUs… nice job overall too!

    • Thanks people!
      and right Bryan, what were you thinking????

    • Great job on the DU’s, but that’s true to form for you. What’s REALLY impressive is the 55# KBS. Congrats. Little STRONG woman, that’s you.

      • Thanks Pat…I couldn’t put it off any longer.

  8. Laura, what would be an appropriate sub for wall walks? Thinking of doing a version of this at the globo gym tomorrow.

    • From a push up position, touch left hand to right shoulder, then right hand to left shoulder…pattycake planks! You could make it harder by adding a pushup between shoulder touches.

      • Thank you!!

      • globo gym people are gonna freak out seeing the pregnant woman do pushups. I love it.

        • and dumbell swings and double unders and DL – LOVE IT!

  9. Lifted heavy stuff and got stronger today!! 😀

    44# KB first 2 rounds, then 45# dumbbell: 30 | 30 | 20
    DU: 35 | 35 | 45
    Wall walks (still working on getting vertical): 3 | 3 | 3
    143# DL: 3 | 3 | 4

    Total = 214

    • you rock! 44 LB is no joke!

    • Nice job, Terri!

  10. Due to injury, subbed Shoulder Touches with feet on 24″ box for Walk Walks.

    KBS, 55#: 55,36,42
    DU’s: 50,35,34
    Shoulder Touches: 44,37,42
    DL, 225: 4,4,5
    Total: 388

    • Dang, great job on that KB!!

      • Thanks, Poole. I think I was most proud of the 225 deadlift. That’s the most I’ve ever done in a workout. I could have done better on KBS for r2 and r3. My mind got the best of me on those.

  11. Did you try the pullups with the band around your shoulders?

    • I’m trying it this weekend. The workout today was enough for me!

  12. KBs(55#): 42/33/38
    DUs: 93/97/89
    WWs: 8/7/7
    DLs(200#): 3/3/3

    Total reps: 423

    • Nice job, SuperTrish!

    • Woot! I wanna be like you!

  13. Joined the noon group today…I’m extremely fickle with my times this week.

    I didn’t bring my card with me and I can’t remember the breakdown of my reps, but total was 328. For the wall walks, I counted attempts, but I think maybe these were a little better than last time.


    An awesome article on meat (and art) from the WSJ.

    • The illustration is particularly nice, IMO.

      • Interesting! I’ve had boiled ants before and they were pretty good!

        • I have eaten the oaxacan grasshoppers…not bad. Particularly with a cold beer.

  15. 291 reps (Rx) and Reggie still blew me out of the water.

    • REGGIE! Too bad Reggie isn’t bloggy. Way to go, man. You, too, Brent!

      • Thanks Joy!

  16. Missing out on all the amazing WODs lately. Still having left shoulder instability/pain. MRI Friday.
    Shout out to Aaron and TPoole who killed the DUs in the 9am class. Just ridiculous!

    • Thanks for the coaching CStreet! Those KB were HARD but you made me keep going when I wanted to quit:)

    • Hope all goes well Friday and you can get back to it soon, Christin. Work around those shoulder issues!

  17. Low number of DUs really brought my overall number down…boohoo!!

    KB@55lbs 54/41/38
    DU 40/48/48
    WW 6/5/5
    DL@200lbs 5/4/5

    I HAVE to improve my DUs…this final number kills me.

    • Yeah, I feel ya, Erin. My numbers were close to yours on everything except you got TWICE the DUs I did! Maybe someone will give us a DU clinic. TPoole?

      • I need DU coaching, too…I want to drop the single in between each one. I know it’s just wasted energy, but I get so tired doing them this way I can’t even imagine how hard it is to string them together properly.

  18. My DU’s suck, I’m definitely jump rope challenged! First time using 44# KB & first time doing DL with 143#. Wall walks are getting better but still have trouble getting the budda all the way to the wall. Overall reps 215 so not great but it felt good anyway.
    KBS 41,38,35
    DU’s 28,26,26
    WW’s 4,5,5
    DL’s 2,3,2

  19. total 187

    Kbs: 44, 28, 25
    DU: 21, 17, 18 (if someone does a DU clinic, i’m there)
    WW: 5, 5, 4
    DL 143#: 8, 6, 6

    • Nice numbers on the DLs!

  20. KB: 40,34,21
    DU: 80, 80,71
    WW: 9,9,10
    DL: 3,2,4

    Total: 363

    • forgot: KB was 55lb, DL was 205lb

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