Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5×8 Weighted Ring Dips – max load, rest 60 sec.



150 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
For time.

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  1. For dips, I used my tiny red for the first 3 sets then used the tiny beige with my teeny orange and then I tried some with just my teeny orange. Hard but I could do a few.
    “Karen” w/ 10lb in 9:24 but I was probably only getting about 7-1/2′ up. But they were consistent and better form-wise than they have been lately and slightly faster than last May’s Karen.

    • You may want to clarify the difference between teeny and tiny for us. 😀

      • The wordsmiths can confirm, but I believe teeny means smaller than tiny. Maybe I should say teensy weensy– but that sounds so uncrossfitty.

        • I left those bands hanging on my locker door thinking folks may want to try them today on the dips if you don’t have unassisted dips yet.

        • Teeny is smaller than tiny. Teensy weensy is smaller than teeny tiny.

          • Ha! Thanks, wordsmith!

          • What about itsy bitsy?

  2. Used the old ratty beige band (same width as red) for first three sets and needed help from Kelly to get through those… then moved to newer red band for last two sets. These don’t seem to ever get easier!

    Karen = 13:00

    Used 14# ball but was definitely shy of the target on many shots (not for a lack of trying). The last time I did Karen was 2 yrs ago… in 9:42… it’s hell getting old. 🙂

  3. Joy, I used your bands this am…thank you!

    Rds 1-4 w Joy’s teeny orange band, rd 5 with Joy’s tiny red

    Karen: 7:25 RX

    I was pleasantly surprised by this 1:01 PR! Last Karen I can find was Aug 7, 2008 and I finished in 8:26. Did the first 40 unbroken and then 10 at a time after that. Breaks were short and got the ball consistently over the line. Felt like I had a lot of power this morning!

    Now I am off on a 10 day trip to NY, WI, and CA. We’ll see how much work I get in while away.

    • NICE!

    • You continue to amaze me.

    • Erica was next to me, and when she called time I had just hit 100… really?! A machine I tell you, a machine!

    • Its amazing how great you are…smh!
      I hope your trip in WIs is for fun and not for work…but either way…give Wis a shout out for me – lol!

  4. Used the CFRX tiny band for dips. 8, 5/3, 8, 8, 5/3. Hard.

    Karen: 11:08. A big improvement over my last time (15 and change), but not Rx. Soon after starting with the 14# ball I was cited by Kelly for FTRT (Failure to Reach Target). Had to switch to my friend the 12#. Don’t worry, it still sucked. 🙂

  5. Best Dips: Only 7 with no band, 8 w/ thin orange band

    Time: 12.08 Rx

  6. 5×8 Dips with gym’s old red band.

    Karen was 12:18. Did the first 20 with the 10# ball but wasn’t hitting the target consistently, so I switched to the 8#.

    This is about 7 minutes faster than my last two attempts at Karen, and my form was MUCH better.

    • Great job today, T. Seven minutes faster is HUGE!

  7. Dips, 5×8
    The least band I used for 8 unbroken was my tiny purple + Joy’s tiny orange.

    12:18, RX
    That’s a PR by 1:55 over last May’s Karen.
    I consistently hit or cleared the target, and Laura says I got low enough on the squats so I earned the RX today. Yay.

    • YAY!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • GOOD JOB PAT!!!!

    • Huge PR!

    • You mean Joy’s teeny orange, don’t you?

      • I think its the teeny tiny orange…lol!
        GREAT job PAT!

  8. I’m not happy with my effort today. I played it safe on the dips and added weight only on rounds 4 and 5. Laura called me out on this, rightly so. I should have started with weight and risked “failure.”

    My Karen time was 11:48 Rx, more than 2 minutes slower than my last Karen. I went into the WOD with a bad attitude, reminidng myself that I’m not good at WBs, and WBs suck, etc… It played out just as I was thinking. I can string WBs together but (as Laura again poitned out) I chose not to.

    • Laura is really good at pointing stuff out, isn’t see?

      • isn’t SHE?

        • Thankfully, yes. I appreciate that her standards are high and that she expects a lot out of us. We are lucky to have a coach that cares so much.

          • Yeah, I was in on that conversation too…I hear ya Trish…
            Hope you can join the noon group more often – you are such a good inspiration for me!

    • Thanks to Joy’s link to the last Karen I see that my time today was 51 seconds slower, not “more than 2 minutes.” Still, it was more than 2 minutes slower than it could have been. Next time.

  9. For rings used no band for first 3 rds and tiny with black tape for last 2. It was good to work on full extension

    Karen – 10:59 rx (can’t find old time)

  10. Well then I was a minute slower – I am going to blame the ring dips. Did not feel consistent

  11. Kelly gave me an alt:
    weighted pull-ups w/kettlebell on a belt — awkward.
    20lb for 8 straight; 25lb for 8 broken.

    Then 150 box jumps onto 24″ box: 8 minutes even
    Then max rep dbl-unders in 3 min: only got 40-something (legs shot)

  12. tiny brown with red tape for best unbroken 8 ring dips…

    10# wallball shots for time of 17:26…

  13. First three rounds of dips unbroken with no band. Failed on round 4 and used the tan band with black tape for round 5.

    Karen: 8:15 (Rx). 53 second improvement over my previous best time back in August 2009.

    • dang Aaron, you are becoming a superstar! 🙂

  14. I know this sounds sick, but I liked this one.

    8:51 Rx for Karen (PR by a lot)

    5×8 ring dips unbroken with no bands!

    • Way to go Brent

    • Nice job!!

    • Thanks guys! Just look up Joy’s link. PR by 3:15

  15. dips were like 20-15-15-25-35 broken on the 35.

    karen rx in 11:08 or something like that. was feeling the 3 straight days on this morning which is rare for me… contemplating making it 4 in a row with tomorrow

  16. 13:31 RX for me this AM (PR over 16:08 last May). WB felt much stronger today although my shoulders gave out after the ring dip practice.

  17. first set of dips – 7 and failed on 8th…
    then used the TinyO (Joy’s tiny orange (thanks for leaving them out!) and did the rest unbroken)

    Karen (I HATE YOU!)
    12 lb ball, most did not make the target 15 and change…I really need to hone this skill…its the same one that thrusters use and i just don’t “get it”
    However, Michaelsaurus gave me a good tip afterwards…so I’m going to practice them every day now…I refuse to be broken, i will conquer this – lol!

  18. Ring dips with the red band and up until today I had been using the blue one.
    So this was my first go around with Karen and I used the 12# ball for the first time and was able to all 150 with it, but my time was slow @ 16:38. My form was good though and I feel much stronger about wall balls.

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