Monday, February 21, 2011

12 minutes to establish a 1RM OHS


100 Burpees for time.
*Every minute on the minute beginning the second minute 2 Power Cleans @ 225/150lbs

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  1. OHS: 42/ 49/ 54 (PR)/ 61F
    Metcon 74# power cleans
    10 min (I was on last burpee when Kelly called time for cleans again!)

    • Nice time, Joy! Thanks for the new rope…I’ll bring $$ to the gym. I’m excited to try it.

  2. Can’t make it in at 9am today, but I will try to make it at noon.

    • 132# for the OHS. PR by 22# compared with Sept 2010.

      7:57 for the burpees, using 137# for power cleans. Probably should have gone a bit higher on the cleans in retrospect.

  3. 99# OHS (PR)
    1341 for burpees. Started PC at 109 but after 30 burpees it was impossible so went to 99.

  4. Hi friends! I’m off work today. Coming in at 4 instead of noon. See you then!

    • OHS was 48#, which I thought was a PR but now I see I did 53# back in June. Always a good idea to look this stuff up before coming in.

      Cleans were 71# (did one set at 76#; failed the second set so I dropped down), which is 5# more than I’ve done in a workout.

      Burpees were sooooo slooooooow. Took me 19:09 to do 75 of them, plus however many cleans I did.

      Laura says I should be very happy with my progress on the cleans and not worry about my slow burpees, so 😀

      • Sounds like good work to me. This was a tough one.

  5. Overhead squats are still problematic for me and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get them back. Did 115 lbs a few months ago. Could only do 66 lbs today. Frustrating.

    8:50 for the burpees with 110 lb power cleans (started with 132 lbs but had to drop after the first set of burpees)

  6. I’m working from home today so joined the 9am crowd. Got 70# on the OHS and didn’t try for higher, that felt like enough. Metcon: 11:30 with 77# cleans.

  7. 142# OHS PR

    Started and failed at 152# on the first then third powercleans after burpees. Thankfully Kelley droped it down to 142# for the balance, and even better I thought they were 132# so finished in 9:40 or something like that. This was a good one coming off of the Angie with 400m running mixed in yesterday in 31 minutes, I can remember days when Angie on her own took more than 30 minutes. Morning work is getting me motivated again.

  8. 92# on the OHS – PR

    Used 95 for the metcon

    The cleans actually got “easier” as I went along. I think I finally know what LD means when she says “get mad at the bar”…I was pissed and that made me use more power – lol!

    • nice!!

      • thanks Street!

  9. 84LB OHS… i got 98LB overhead but was too chicken to try to actually squat it… lol…

    started with 118LB power cleans but I couldn’t quite get that up after the burpees so i dropped to 108LB…

    17 long, stupid, extremely disappointing minutes…

    • You did great! That’s a lot of weight to clean a bunch of times!

      • thanks.. 🙂 i appreciate it…

    • This one was FRUSTRATING.

  10. You morning people got lucky. Laura said we were suppose to start cleans at 1:00 mark, and burpees are not my thing.

    OHS – 164 (PR, but oddly it was my shoulder that held me back, not the squat)

    Burpee/clean – 16:37 @ 176

    • Not surprising…my arm was the prob in the OHS too!

  11. 92# OHS; 10:55 w/121# Power Cleans

    Is it possible to hate something and love it at the same time? That’s how I felt about this WOD.

    • I agree…and I am super impressed with your power cleans!

  12. OHS, 125# (PR by 25#) 😀

    Metcon with Power Cleans starting after the FIRST minute (or BEGINNING of SECOND minute):
    Oops! I just noticed on my little sheet of paper that I shorted the burpees by 10. So I only did 90 burpees.
    15:39 with 115# Power Cleans (that’s 82%) and 90 burpees. (I would have been just shy of 17 min if I completed the final 10 burpees). I could have done more on the power cleans, but my burpees are SO SLOW so I kept the PC’s on the lighter side (82%).

    • damn! that’s freakin’ impressive!

  13. Made this up Thursday.

    8:53 @ 154#

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