Friday, February 18, 2011

10×2 Sumo Deadlifts @ 70% – rest 60 sec.


7 minute AMRAP of:


-rest 3 minutes-

7 minute AMRAP of:

15 KBS (70/55)
15 Box Jumps 26″
15 Air Squats

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  1. Sumos: Meant to put on 159 lbs but math-brain doesn’t start work until at least 10 am, so I wound up with 137 lbs.

    Muscle ups: Practiced rowing MUs

    AMRAP: 3 rounds even

  2. Sumos: 161#
    Muscle ups: practiced rowing MUs
    AMRAP: 3 rounds + 15 KBS + 12 box step-ups

    Stepped up onto 26″ box; 55# KBS

  3. i kind of miss comparing results to prior efforts…

    198# sumos
    30 muscle-ups
    2 rounds + 15 kbs at the Rx

    • But you CAN compare some of today’s workout, Jack. What was your previous 30 Muscle-Ups For Time? You got 30 in 7 minutes today, and I KNOW you’ve done the HQ version before…

      • 5:15 for time

  4. Sumo DLs at 132#.

    MU practice: ouch.

    AMRAP: Two rounds plus 12 swings. Still completely freaked about box jumps. But I did discover that having Laura yell, at close range, “JUMP on the BOX” is strangely effective. Perhaps she could do this for me at work: “WRITE the STORY”…”SCHEDULE the INTERVIEW”. Of course, since Laura has a job, it is more likely that Terri and I could do this for each other as we work only steps apart. But somehow I have a feeling it would not be quite the same.

    • Ha!! It might work. I can yell fairly loud.

      • It’s worth a try. 🙂

        • Thanks for not smacking me for yelling at you, Paige! I KNOW you can jump on that box, you HAVE jumped on that box, and you did it quite a few times today…you WILL GET BETTER! Just keep trying! :mrgreen:

          • Thanks, Laura. It’s the strangest thing…I was jumping on that box quite comfortably for a year or so. Not sure what happened. But, you’re right, I just have to keep at it. You can keep yelling. 🙂

  5. Sumos: 110#; that seemed very easy so I think I need to establish a new 1RM for Deadlifts… I’ve never done that here, but at my last Crossfit gym, my max was 165 (ages ago). Think/hope I’m stronger now.

    Practiced rowing MUs – Felt VERY uncoordinated but got a little better after 7 mins

    Metcon: 3 rounds using 44# KBS and 20″ box

    • Nice job – 3 rounds!

  6. Sumo DL at 208#
    8 muscle-ups in 7 minutes + 3 failed attempts
    Metcon: 3 rounds + 15 KB + 12 box jumps (Rx)

  7. Sumo deadlift: 200# (70%)
    2 rounds + 15 KBS + 15 Box Jumps + 4 Squats
    20″ box, 55# KB

    • Forgot to mention:
      7 minutes of kneeling muscle-up practice.

      Also, right hip was a little bothersome during the SDL’s but seemed better than last week when we did these at 65%.

  8. Sumo DL: 119#
    Metcon: 2 rounds + 4
    15″ stack of plates, 44# KB

    p.s. The 44# KB is HEAVY.
    p.p.s. I’m sick of jumping like a tiny little girl. I’m 5’10” for heaven’s sake.

    • Jumping is hard! Nothing little girly about it! And yes, that 44# KB IS heavy. Way to swing.

  9. I really enjoyed doing the noon thing today…

    176# sumo DLs – these felt manageable and was able to work on speed

    10 MUs – turn out and full extension on many, or at least it felt that way. I asked Laura to confirm and she said the ones she saw looked good, so, that’s good.

    Metcon: 3 rounds + 15 + 1 Rx – a gasser!

    I really liked today’s programming: strength work + skill work + short metcon. I know we should make our own time for skill work but it sure does help when it’s on the whiteboard :).

    Thanks nooners for having me, I look forward to joining y’all again!

  10. 198# sumo dead lift (it was the first time ive ever done a sumo so it was quite frustrating trying to get the correct form down…)

    practice muscle ups (and again with the frustration… lol)


    44# KBS
    20in box jumps (first on this as well)

    2 rds + 15 + 12

    my plan was to run a mile afterward because i have a PT test coming up for the army but i just couldn’t do it… ill get it done tonight… 😦

  11. Hate missing today, but I’ve been feeling subpar since Wed evening and need one more rest day. On the positive side, I take it as a good sign that my right hip flexor is so strained — I think it means I was trying to be explosive!

  12. Laura, thanks for the opportunity to join. Also thanks for day #2 of getting to the brink of puking. Haven’t pushed my body in years…its nice to be getting started; even if it is from scratch.

    • Welcome, Tony. Glad you decided to join! Wasn’t today fun?!

      • Thanks for breaking me in.

  13. -141# sumo

    -kneeling muscle up practice first time doing this

    -metcon: 2rds + 12 kbs (44#)

    really liked todays workouts!

  14. 250 on Sumo DL’s. That’s 52 lbs than last week. Back is getting stronger. Still need to work on leaning back. 20lbs lower than 70%

    Kneeling MU – Had a hard time pushing through. Kipping really helps me and hard to kip from a kneel.

    Metcon – 2 rds plus 15 KB, plus 12 box jumbs – RX

  15. Rxers, give your coach a hi-five today. This is an extremely high degree of difficulty WOD to instruct, and she’s coaching every single session. Be good to her 😉

    • Dear Laura: here’s your virtual high five! And I’m saving you from having to coach me today! Rudy is sweet. 🙂

      • Last time I tried to tell Rudy that he’s sweet, he told me to “shut my hole.” 😉

        Hi-Five, Laura. You did a great job today..I know a got at least a couple of extra box jumps just because of you “reminding” us frequently that it was only 7 minutes and we better SPRINT. 🙂

        • Ha! Pat, he can’t let people know that the big tough coach up in Virginia is actually a sweetheart…gotta keep up appearances, you know 😉

          • Hi-five coach! Thanks for pushing us today when you could’ve been resting your vocal cords ;). And Rudy, your secret is safe with us.

    • Dear Laura,

      High-five!! Thanks for making me swing the 44# KB and banning the 35#. If you hadn’t, I would NEVER move up.


      p.s. Rudy is a sweet little puppy. And so cute! He’s a sweet, cute little puppy.

      • congrats on the 44# swing. Missed ya’ll today.
        Your P.S. = FAIL 😉

  16. 274# sumo deadlifts

    Rowing MU practice felt good

    3 rounds 15 KBS

    High 5 Coach!

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