Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rest Day

Make up Monday-Wednesday

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  1. heya gang
    check out this brief article (on right of page titled Speak Up!) relating to “word choice” & performance written by one of my teachers (and a world-class climber/coach) Arno Ilgner…it is some basic practical stuff, but SO powerful:

    • nice article!

    • This is really helpful, Michael. Thanks!!

    • anyone who wants to work out at Foster Falls in TN tomorrow @ (approx.) 1130 is welcome (look for my Jetta in the parking lot)…i will be starting down the second climber-access trail off the Firey Gizzard trail probably on Rocket Slab or near the “Red Light District” until noonish then working back towards the falls…and DEF using some of Arno’s suggestions later in the day…put that Functional Fitness to Use! 🙂 hope 2 c u there!

  2. Wandered over to the gym this morning after more than a week out. Made up yesterday’s metcon with some solid coaching and encouragement from Pat and some moral support from Mike and Miguel, who were in just “practicing.” Lifting very heavy things.

    6 rounds even in about 28 minutes @ 60#.

    • Yes, Mike and Miguel practiced box squats this morning because they love them so much! They mostly kept the weight down and worked form. In their excitement, they did get a little heavy with the weight, and I reminded them that they don’t want to undermine the programming by doing too much. Rest days are great for practice, but not a good idea to get too crazy with weight or overdo it in general – if your goal is to maximize the benefit of this programming. 😀

      Speaking of practice, I practiced my pullups today with less band than my normal working band. I also practiced the kip as instructed by Michael. Then I did a little handstand-kick practice (no bands). No one was there, so I wasn’t prepared to really go for the handstand; I just practiced the initial kick. I got pretty high, and had to hold back to keep from going vertical. I know I’ll have the handstand just as soon as I decide to “let go” and go for it.

      • That’s awesome, Pat — wish I’d stuck around to witness it!

        • I wanted to work it by myself so don’t feel bad for not sticking around. I needed some time to practice without worrying about how dumb I looked, etc.

    • Gotta hand it to Paige — I can’t imagine doing yesterday’s WOD after being sick for a week. Nice work!

  3. Did box squats today:
    88 lbs x 10
    110 lbs x 8
    132 lbs x 6
    154 lbs x 4
    176 lbs x 2

  4. Made up Monday’s wod with Jessica

    2 complete rounds + 10 Ring K2E and 20 OHS

  5. I’m glad Therese was doing monday’s too.

    2rds Rx-the run was the hard part

  6. ALT WOD at the dojo tonight from that WOD generator site posted earlier…turns out the WOD was pretty cool & challenging!
    3 rounds
    30m broadjump burpees
    30m backward walking lunges
    15 pullups
    15 sitps
    = 8 minutes + change (analog clock tough to watch while shouting at dojo friends to check “full range of motion” etc. & beaucoup transition time…but SUPER fun nonetheless)

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