Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7 Weighted Pushups on the minute every minute for 10 minutes.


7 rounds for total working time of:

12 Front Squats 135/95lbs
10 Pullups
8 Burpees
6 Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs
-rest 1 minute

-For weighted Pushups use plates. All sets should be unbroken, so only use so much weight as to accommodate unbroken sets.
-There will be a 30 minute total time limit on the interval work.

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  1. This looks fun. Looking forward to getting back in…but not tomorrow. Hopefully Thursday.

  2. What an awesome picture!!

    Also, just had to share this new GSU police report…sorry, it shouldn’t be funny but it is…

    “A Robbery by Sudden Snatching was reported to Georgia State University Police…”

  3. This is pretty cool! All you frequent travelers, try clicking the “Gymnastics” button…it gives you random workouts based on what you are interested in (lifting, metcon, triplets, etc.) or able to perform with what you have available.

    • Nice!

    • This is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing! Next week I leave for a 10 day trip and I will definitely try it out.

  4. Weighted pushups with 15 kg plate.

    Then interval work: 7 rounds in 24-something. Kicked my butt.

    Slowly reintroducing shoulder and forearm to these lifts, so went with 88 lb. front squats and C&Js.

    • Awesome, Mike!

  5. Just curious…what’s your favorite song to workout to? I’m putting a workout playlist together and could use some ideas.

    • I listen to System of a Down when I am lifting…any songs from them. But to get pumped up…I listen to “Oh Snap” by Fergy Ferg…no kidding.

      • “Heart of a Champion” by Nelly
        and “Let’s get Retarded” by the Black Eyed Peas

    • Depends on whether it’s running or weight lifting, but here are some of my favorites:

      Ali In The Jungle – The Hours
      Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz
      We Used To Wait – Arcade Fire
      That Time – Regina Spektor
      Heinrich Maneuver – Interpol
      When You Were Young – The Killers
      The Hardest Button To Button – The White Stripes

    • “Let’s Get it Started” (Get Retarded) by Black Eyed Peas (gives me energy)
      “ABC” by Jackson 5 (makes me happy)
      “What I Like about You” by The Romantics (makes me hop around)
      “Hoya Hoye” by Bole 2 Harlem (Ethiopian hip hop, which everyone loves! 😉 )

    • At the risk of showing my age and sounding like a complete stoner…I listen to Zep for metcons and Radiohead for lifting.

      • You were (and still are) cool. I was never cool.

      • Actually Radiohead’s surprisingly good for running/rowing too.

    • Also showing my age: The Clash: “Overpowered by Funk”

  6. Weighted push-ups with 5k plate.

    Used 120# for the front squats and clean & jerks. Finished 6 rounds even before the 30 minute cutoff.

    • 120# was the right weight for you.

  7. Good crowd again at 5:30am.

    Ran 1 mile while everyone did weighted pushups to give my rest more time to heal.

    For interval work, did 6 rounds in the 30 min time limit. Used 44# for FS and C&J, again light weight for my wrist (but doing more weight would have been hard regardless of that). After the 1st round had to revert to using red band for pullups b.c doing them unnassisted would have taken me forever.

    • typo/freudian slip in second sentence:

      Ran 1 mile while everyone did weighted pushups to give my WRIST more time to heal.

  8. 10 lbs for the weighted pushups

    Used 77 lbs for the wod
    6 rounds plus 10 FS in 30 minutes

    • You could have used 87 but with approx the same result. Given that you’ve been sick and had problems breathing today, I say this was the correct weight. 🙂

    • Nice, TPoole!

  9. body weight for the pushups- rounds 1-6 able to do 7 unbroken then had to spilt into 2-3 sets for last 4 rounds.

    Used 65# for C and J. Did 2 rds of FS with 65# and my knee popped 3 times so went to PVC pipe FS. 6 rds + 12 FS.

    My body is ready for a rest day!!

  10. That. Was. Hard.

    10# plate for push ups.

    60# for front squats, which took me FOREVER, and C&J, which took next to forever. Red band for pull ups. I wanted to do a heavy weight (for me) even though I knew it would be slow going.

    3 rounds + 12.

    • Great job pushing the weight, strong girl!

    • Great job doing the 60# in this workout. I could tell you were pushing your limits, and you know that means you got better today. Proud to know you and workout alongside you.

      • 😀 Thanks, dear friends! Everyone kicked major behind today at noon. I was glad to be part of it!

        • Glad you went with Pat’s suggestion on this one. I think some people are missing the point. The point shouldn’t be to scale the weight as low as possible in attempt to FINISH in 30 min. Instead it should be to go as heavy as possible (ie as close to RX as possible) and slog it out. If we continue to scale down the weight, then we’ll never get any better. Well done, Terri. 🙂

          • Thanks, coach!

    • Great job, Terri, going so heavy!!

  11. Weighted Pushups:
    R1: no added weight, 7UB but challenging
    R2-7: added 2.5 pounds, 7UB and very challenging
    R8: 2.5 pounds, 6UB+1
    R9: no added weight, 3UB+4using games std
    R10: no added weight, games standard

    95# (that’s Rx and that’s heavy)
    red+my tiny for pullups
    5 rounds+2 front squats
    Very challenging.

    Congrats to Erin for going Rx all the way and completing 7 rounds in just over 30 minutes. Congrats to Terri who really embraced the pain and pushed her limits on the weights today!

    • Great job today Pat. Yes, 95 is heavy.

    • Very nice, Pat!

    • Yey, Pat!! We had fun with those push-ups, no?! Great job today!

  12. It was a great group today!!
    Did 4 rds of pushups w/ 10k then moved down to 5k for the rest.
    Metcon: RX 31.11
    Since I was so close to finishing at 30 min, Christin pushed me to finish…despite my whining. So glad I did! Today felt great!
    See you all next week! I’ll be in Miami ’till then!

    • everything is coming together for you, Erin. So proud of you! Enjoy Miami.

    • Very impressive, Erin! Have a nice Miami break which you deserve!

  13. rest day tomorrow – yippee

    Used 10Lb plate for pushups.

    Metcon did 5 rounds plus 4 front squats at RX. Front squats on round 3-5 sucked and really slowed me down. I was able to keep a good pace on the rest, especially the C & Js.

    • Since I can’t seem to shut up today, I’ll comment here too. I admire your work ethic, Bryan. Specifically, never complaining and just staying on task. Love it.

      • And he always cheers others on! Bryan rocks!

        • Thanks ladies – I’m a recovering whiner!! Just glad my body is cooperating, and you all make it fun to be there

  14. I did it! I finished all 7 rounds in 30:10, RX. I am counting that because I accidentally rested for 2 minutes instead of 1 between the first 2 rounds. It was REALLY hard but I could tell Laura knew I could do it. Sometimes that is more important than ME knowing I can do it because my body and brain are telling me I can’t.

    FS @ 95: Rounds 1-3 unbroken; 4-7 broken 8/4
    Pull-ups: Round 1 unbroken; 2-6 were 7/3; 7 was
    5/3/2 (this is me giving up – wasn’t necessary to
    break that much)
    Burpees: Painfully slow but steady.
    C&J @ 95#: Weight was manageable done one at a time

    10 min of pushups- did them on parellettes, all unbroken. Hard enough.

    I am ready for my rest day!

    • Well, I guess we can all shutup now. Pregnant-Erica got 7 rounds, RX. (Thanks for not saying the weight felt light today)!

      In my next life, I am coming back as you.

      • Dang! Can’t shut up yet. Just DANG!

    • Man alive!! You are so kick-ass! My hero!

    • Thanks, girls. I am pretty proud of this one!

    • Impressed.

  15. 5 rounds 4 front squats (Rx)

  16. 5kg for pushups

    6 rounds in 29:07 rx

    Tough wod – felt sluggish – prob b/c it was a tough wod 😉

  17. Hope you feel better, Laura. I started feeling ill after this wod, too! 🙂
    Weighted push ups: started w/5k & went down to 5lb & then nothing but at least I pretty much got 7 each round except last round I only made 5.
    58# & my tiny red for push ups on the evil metcon. I was 3 C&Js short of 6 rounds. Challenging. Which is good. Glad tomorrow is rest.

  18. weighted push-ups: 5kg

    Front Squats and C&J: 77#

    pull-ups: red+tiny

    5 rounds in 29:??

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