Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coaches Choice Team WOD

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  1. Great picture. Go, Terri! Lookin good. RX!

  2. I miss you guys…

    • we miss you too!

  3. Unfortunatly, I must have picked some virus from my students or something…sore throat, no voice today 😦
    Sad to miss the team wod…have fun!!

    • Damn, Therese. Sorry to hear it. Take good care of yourself!

    • Last I checked, your voice doesn’t need to clean and jerk anything. Get into the gym. =)

      Just kidding TPoole! Feel better!!

      • Haha Cait! I don’t want to give it to anyone else.
        I did one of the Master’s WODs at home.

        For 10 minutes on the minute
        3 pullups, 6 pushups, 9 squats
        with the remaining time of each minute, do as many thrusters as you can.
        The score is determined by the number of total thrusters X the weight of the thruster.
        I used 45 lbs on the thruster and got a total of 60 reps.
        Of the 51 women that posted on the Master’s wod website, my score is 15th….not too shabby considering that thrusters are not my thing 🙂

        If anyone is interested in the Master’s group, here is their website (they consider 40+ Masters)

        • not too shabby indeed, Poole!

  4. What a huge group this morning! Good call, LD, cutting it to 3 rds. 🙂

  5. Plenty of work in the three rounds I did this morning with Pat of: run 400M w/15Kg; 50 deadlifts at 135lb; 50 parter (lateral jump) burpees. 33:12

    Oh, and they’re talking ‘S’ about us & calling out Terri and Pat over at Outlaw Crossfit on our blogginess. Are we gonna go get ’em or what? Except if we go get them, that only adds to their comment #s so maybe we should just post about them here! See the post from this morning by “Core”:

    • I just responded. We should ALL post about 8 times each on the Outlaw blog.

    • Our deadlift was only 93 pounds, Joy. 🙂 135 was the men’s weight.

      Thanks for being my partner! You were great…speedy little, Joy.

      I’ll check out the Outlaw blog…

      • You were a great partner, Pat. I don’t know why I wrote 135. I knew we did the 93. I guess I got distracted by the blog smackdown going on. It’s just a funny friendly thing.

    • Ok, I checked the Outlaw blog. I’m staying out of it. I’m not a good trash-talker; it makes me feel bad and I always end up apologizing. So I’ll use my one to six comments per day to post my results, and if I feel like it, to say something positive. 😀

  6. my workouts here are lame and slow and lonely…i miss RX.

    Today was ring play day. And once my arms were smoked, I tried to PR my box jump…2 bruised shins later…a 3 ft jump was a success. it was actually just shy of 3ft but not worth going to the exact detail.

    • Loved the video. Great job jumping, Caitlin! The set up with the box on the box looked frightening to me, though. I guess the bottom box was sitting on a mat?

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