Wednesday, February 9, 2011

12×2 Sumo Deadlifts @ 65% – rest 45 seconds


21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 135/95lbs
C2B Pullups
For time.

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  1. Awesome picture!

    Tomorrow’s WOD, not so much.

    • remember, it’s just work! 😉

    • That’s some heavy work!!

  2. Rough morning at the gym.
    Sumo DL at 198#

    CStreet convinced me to try 135 for the thrusters. I managed the first ten but it quickly became clear I would be finishing with the noon class if I continued at that weight. Dropped down to 110# for the last 35 reps. Still need to work on jumping out of the bottom on thrusters.

    Total time: 21:31.
    Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

    • very proud of you for trying the 135, esp given this is DAY FOUR for you. well-deserved rest day tomorrow.

      • Actually day 6. On the bright side the 3 consecutive thrusters @ 135 to start the workout are a new 3 rep PR. On the not so bright side, I managed to rip some skin off both hands on the thrusters. Another reason for a rest day.

        • Enjoy your day, Aaron!!

  3. I concur with Aaron….thrusters are never my fav and heavy thrusters SUCK!
    SO, any possibility that we could do light thrusters and weighted pullups next time???? 😉

    131lb for SumoDL

    77 lb for thrusters

  4. First stop in NYC: The Counter. Custom build your own hormone free burger joint!

    • I think there is one of these in Roswell. I’m pretty sure I’ve been there and had a huge burger salad, which may have defeated the purpose.

    • YUM!!

    • Jealous!!

  5. *#(@!

    I forgot to see my time (dead last though! 20something); those 135lb Thrusters were really hard. I did love the noon group today though – through our fran cough we were encouraging each other to finish our thrusters

    • sumo deadlift at 250lbs. I liked those a lot

    • GREAT job, Scott!

      • Nice job Scott. That’s a lot of heavy thrusters.

    • 20:19

  6. 110# for sumo deadlifts

    55# and red/blue for Fran’s evil sister: 17:52

    11 pounds more than my usual Fran weight, and I have to say it sucked in a totally manageable way. For me, that’s a HUGE improvement. Sweet!

    Instead of obsessing about how terrible the thrusters felt (my usual approach to Fran), I focused on mechanics. Laura told us to keep our elbows up, jump from the bottom of the thruster, and for me, straighten my legs at the top. Somehow, it was all bearable. 😀

    • You inspired me today, T! Great attitude!

  7. Hey guys. Looking for some input from you all.

    Routine blood work has revealed extremely elevated liver enzymes in my blood — 10x normal levels. Most of the causes my doctor discussed with me are unlikely in my case — obesity, prescription drugs, alcoholism, etc. They’re now testing me for liver cancer, hepatitis and several rare genetic diseases.

    I asked my doctor if exercise could be a factor and he said no. However, I’ve found a LOT of anecdotal info on the web about liver enzyme levels spiking in athletes — including Crossfitters — following extremely intense exercise. Apparently these enzymes are also found in muscle tissue, and muscle breakdown following very strenuous workouts can cause spikes.

    Have any of you ever heard of this or received blood test results like this? Just trying to gather whatever information I can. Thanks!

    • Sounds like you’re on to something. Did you see this article?

      “Levels of these aminotransferases can rise to several times normal after severe muscular exertion or other muscle injury, ….”

      I’d look for a doctor who knows something about how exercise affects body chemistry. Yours doesn’t seem to.

    • Wow Mike…I’ll keep you in our thoughts. Hope its nothing too bad!

    • If your next round of tests come back inconclusive, I would really stress the importance of adopting a strict paleo diet for a few weeks to a few months to see if it is a gluten intolerance that is causing the elevation.

    • Thanks, everyone. Laura, I’m taking your advice.

    • ditto Laura’s advice

      • Mike, I’m so sorry to hear this. You seem like one of the healthiest and fittest people I know. Having had some weird health stuff lately, I know this is upsetting. Keep pursuing the right answer and I’m sure it is all going to be okay.

  8. Sumo Deadlift, 186# (65% of 286)
    Experienced pain in right hip as usual for me on SDL.

    Heavy Fran
    16:27, 95# & my blue band for CTB
    Thrusters were broken as follows:
    R1: 5/3/3/3/3/4
    R2: 3/3/3/3/3
    R3: 3/3/3

    CTB started with a set of 3 on each round and then 1 at a time after that.

  9. Sumo @109#–I should have gone heavier.

    -thruster @66#
    -tiny tan band for C2B

    I think we did this workout a month ago and my thrusters were at 49# and C2B I was using the tan/blue band. So pretty big improvement–think I’ll up the weight for my thrusters next time.

    Thanks to erica and kelly for counting down my last round-definitely helped getting through it.

    • oops. i meant thanks erin 🙂

      • I sometimes get Erin and Erica confused too. They are both nice and both are badasses.

      • Wow! Quite an improvement!!

      • Nice improvement!!

    • Nice job! That’s a big jump in weight!

  10. 7:18rx – UB Thrusters on 21 and 9 – SUCK IT, Kelly 😉

    • What happened on 15? Just kidding. I can’t even fathom that time

    • Insanity.

      Nice work, Rudy!

    • show off! :p

  11. Sumo DLs at 121
    For ‘Franish’ I used 55# and for ctb, red my tiny red. 11:11 which is slower than last time, but I went 11#s heavier, inspired by Terri. 🙂

    • That’s still really fast!!

      Hey! I inspired someone! How very cool.

  12. 16:33 Rx

    Besides being really freakin’ hard physically, this WOD challenged my mental toughness. The brain was saying this is too heavy, you can’t do 95lb thrusters…I really had to manage the self-talk on every lift. 45 thrusters later, I think it got the message.

    Great job today, all…that was some serious work!

    • 163# Sumo DLs

      • You are awesome my friend!

  13. 176lb Sumo
    Time: 15.33 @ 88lbs
    Really mad at myself for not stacking on that 7lbs more. My shoulders were bothering me durning the practice lifts so I hesitated to go RX. Once I started the workout the kinks in my shoulders worked themselves out (which I knew they would). I could have gone RX…no more skimping on the weight after today 🙂
    Oh, and I realized that if I jump up to the middle bar I can swing a lot more on my kip than I can on the lower bar.

  14. 274# for the sumo deadlifts

    16:17 for metcon Rx

    Broke it up into sets of 5
    C2B all singles

  15. Fat Fran- 95# & CTB

    I haven’t watched the video yet…but i highly doubt most pullups were CTB…i’m slumpin.


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